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A true boss babe doesn’t have time to spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning, and sometimes not even thirty minutes! If your side hustle is priority #1 these days, then your makeup routine has probably taken the back burner. Thankfully you don’t have to skip putting on makeup altogether. Instead, try this 5-minute makeup look for the busy girl that will save you time and make sure you look flawless during your important meetings, while running errands, and it will even last for that evening yoga class.

Check out this 5-minute makeup look for the busy girl. You’ve got everything you already need in your makeup bag—because we know a busy girl doesn’t have time for shopping. Hustle first, shop later. We respect you girl.

Lay your foundation

Every business, good idea, or project has to have a good foundation in order to move forward and be successful—so does your makeup. Grab your primer and add a quick layer onto your skin so your makeup lasts all day long. Next, add your foundation. Create a smooth, even layer of foundation over your entire face. You’re already halfway done, just like that!

Thinking we missed something? Yep. We’re skipping the concealer unless you absolutely need it. If you’ve got blemishes or dark circles, go ahead and work it into the foundation. Otherwise, save yourself some time and skip it. Use Cocokind’s Matcha stick before you go to bed by rubbing it underneath your eyes, and you’ll wake up looking refreshed with no signs of racoon eyes!

Make it shine

Add some definition to your face by using a quick dab of bronzer on your cheeks. If you have highlighter, add a little to the upper cheekbones too. Adding bronzer and highlighter can help you look alive and energized even when you feel like you’re burning on both ends.

Ultimately the best solution for looking wide awake is to get plenty of rest each night. Sleep is crucial because it’s the time when your skin has time to repair itself and heal. As busy as you may be, this 5-minute makeup routine won’t do you any favors if you’re getting 4 hours of sleep each night.

Brows, baby!

Our motto? Brush your brows, not your hair. Okay, so maybe not literally, but we do think your brows are important. When everything else on your face is simple, you can make a statement with outstanding brows. Brush them and add some color to them—using a brow pencil or even some eyeshadow that matches their natural shade. Works like a charm! This next step is optional, but it’s nice to add a little brow gel to make them last throughout the day.

Eyes, lips and done.

Time to wrap it up. Add mascara to your eyes and apply your favorite long-lasting, natural lipstick. You can call it quits here and get on with your day already, but if you can’t live without liner or eye shadow go ahead and apply them too. Our guess is if you’re busy, then you are comfortable and confident with this natural, busy girl look.