Portrait of a blonde young pretty woman with natural make-up
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A Minimalist Makeup Routine

If you’re interested in a minimalist makeup routine, there are probably a few reasons why. Whether you’re interested in bringing out the “real” you, saving money, or just looking to simplify your life, making the decision to wear less makeup can have many advantages. However, like many other beauty changes, it’s critical to know what to do to pull off the right look. Here are a few tips on how to nail the minimalist makeup routine.

Take Good Care Of Your Skin

The basis of a good minimalist look is healthy skin. First, determine your skin type and find the right products that work best for your skin. Then work on developing a good skincare routine that will improve the appearance and health of your skin. Ideally, this routine should include a cleanser, exfoliating scrub, moisturizer, acne treatment for the occasional spot and the occasional face mask.

Forget Foundation & Powder

If you’re used to wearing foundation and powder, going without it can be daunting at first. To skip the foundation, focus on moisturizing your face appropriately. Spend a few extra minutes massaging the moisturizer into your face to get some blood flowing. You can also use oil absorbing pads if you are prone to oily skin.

Shape Your Brows

Eyebrows help to frame and add dimension to the face. If your eyebrows need cleanup, then focus on tweezing or waxing underneath the brows. If the brows are sparse and minimal, try lightly filling them in with an eyebrow pencil or brow powder.

Bronze It Up

Bronzer can add the perfect amount of color without smothering your skin, and because you want to avoid sun damage at all costs, bronzer is a great way to get a healthy glow. Apply a bronzer all over your face, just make sure you keep it light and natural-looking.

Curl Eyelashes

This is an instant, makeup-free tip to make yourself look more awake and fresh. Simply grab an eyelash curler and apply to the lashes for five seconds. Finishing with mascara provides an even more polished look.

Do Add Mascara

If you wear nothing else on your face, reach for the mascara. It can provide depth, color, and drama to your face without the heavy layers of other products. For a simple look, coat the top lashes only with black or dark plum mascara.

Lip Balm

One thing you definitely don’t want with a natural look is dry lips. When keeping it natural, make sure you take care of your lips by applying lip balm. If you want a little more punch, try one with a subtle lip stain.

Eyeliner Trick

Eyeliner is another simple makeup product that can add dimension to your face without a lengthy commitment. To create a lush lash line, try tight lining your eyes with a flat eyeliner brush by applying pigment to the water line. For even bigger looking eyes, try tight lining the lower waterline, too.

If you’re used to wearing a lot of makeup, it can feel uncomfortable to go back to a minimalist makeup routine. Luckily, with these tips and some great products, you can pull it off and look better than ever.