Your favorite beauty blogger’s best-kept beauty secret probably has something to do with cannabis.

Whenever you step foot into your local beauty supply store, you can’t help but notice dozens of cannabidiol (CBD) infused products that boast their long list of health and beauty hacks. If you live in California, CBD has pretty much become the It girl of beauty ingredients over the past few years.

Now that more states are legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana, cannabis is getting a luxury makeover. Well, a specific strain of it, that is. Once a topic that was completely off limits at your dining room table, CBD is now everywhere. You can find it in your lip gloss, your candles, and even your eye serum.

But what is CBD, exactly? And is it legal?

The cannabis sativa plant is made up of two main components, CBD and THC. CBD, which is also known as hemp oil, is an extract that is completely harmless and has more medicinal purposes.

No, it is not weed. And yes, it is legal. In fact, the THC extract is the more controversial of the two. The THC extract is what actually get you high and causes hallucinations (which is where the negative press comes from).

CBD beauty products are quickly revolutionizing the health and beauty industry.

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Image: Ulta

Why is it so popular?

The more attention that marijuana laws are getting across the US, the more interest doctors and scientists are gaining in this “miracle ingredient”. There aren’t many studies on CBD, which explains the divide between beauty bloggers wanting to get their hands on everything infused with this extract and the wary general population.

However, there are a few recently published studies that claim it has various health and beauty benefits. According to the US National Library of Medicine, CBD can help combat a number of health and mental health issues such as inflammation, epilepsy, psychosis, and anxiety.

But if it boasts all of these amazing benefits, why are people only riding the CBD train now? Before marijuana became legal in certain states, CBD’s benefits were not well known.

Image: LordJones
Image: LordJones

Celebrities such as Busy Philipps, Katy Perry and Olivia Wilde, who used CBD oil after her Broadway performances, have helped put it on the radar. Katy Perry supposedly uses CBD infused lotion on her feet after a long and painful day of walking in heels!

How is this even possible?

Here’s how it works. Our bodies naturally produce anandamide, a chemical that is known for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities. CBD helps increase the levels of anandamide that your body already has, making those pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties even more effective.

But there’s more. CBD products aren’t only for your skin. You can reduce anxiety by taking CBD supplements or eating candies that increase the amount of serotonin that your body produces. Much more research needs to be done on this miracle oil for it not to be chalked up to the latest social media trend.

What’s your verdict? Will you try CBD beauty products or are you not a fan?