arm workouts without weight

We think that it is never too late to start preparing our bodies for the summer. The season is that we want to show some skin. To get in shape you wouldn’t necessarily need a gym membership and some expensive equipment for workouts. There are a ton of arm workouts without weight that can be done, and today we are going to share just a few of them with you.

1) Push-ups

There are a few ways of performing this exercise. There are regular push-ups. This is when you start in a high plank and bend your elbows to lower yourself and elevate yourself back.

There are diamond push-ups when you position your hands close together so your thumbs and index fingers form a triangle. And then you continue to bend your elbows to lower and elevate yourself.

If you are just starting out, it might be quite difficult for you to perform a regular pushup. So we offer you to start with the modified version. This is when you start on your knees instead of a full plank, but still keep your body in a straight line while doing the exercise.

Another twist on a regular push-up is the elevated push-ups. Put your hands on an elevated object; it can be a step, a box, a sturdy coffee table, or whatever you have on hand. Do push-ups with the hands elevated on this surface.

Push ups are probably the most common arm workouts without weight.

2) Plank

This exercise is not only a killer arm workout without any weights (besides your own), but it generally tones the whole body. The simplest way to do it is to put your hands on the floor about the width of your shoulders and elevate your body off the ground. Time yourself when doing it.  Start small and build up your strength.

Variations of this exercise is to not just stand in a plank, but intermittently touch the opposite shoulder with your hands, or do a plank-up exercise when you stand in a plank and then lower yourself to stand on your elbows and lift yourself up again. You can also start walking with your hands to reach your toes and back, which is not only an amazing exercise for your hands but also for your abs. Here is another kind of plank exercise you can try out; walk when you move in a crablike manner from side to side while maintaining your plank position.

Planks are arm workouts without weight that will slow time for you. There is no longer minute that when you are doing a plank. however, planks are amazing arm workouts without weight.

3) Arm circles

Stand straight and extend your arms to the sides. Start creating fast circular movements with your arms. Do as many as you can and then reverse the motion. This exercise is aimed only at the arms.

4) Triceps dip

You are going to need a chair. Grab the edge of the chair, extend your legs forwards. Make sure that your legs are straight in front of you and your arms are bent behind you. Do small dips with your arms, lowering yourself and elevating yourself again.

These are some very simple and effective exercises that you can do at home or even at your workspace during breaks. These types of arm workouts without weight require no additional equipment, but they work just as well as those that do require it.