Audrey Hepburn skiing Charade
Image: Fab Audrey

Audrey Hepburn Winter Fashion

Got the winter blues? Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere tropical, the cold season is pretty much unavoidable. But thanks to movies like Charade, we have all the winter style inspiration we need from the opening scene with Audrey Hepburn dressed in classic European ski fashion. This Audrey Hepburn winter fashion wasn’t just for the movies or Hollywood’s stars. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that skiers and winter dwellers began wearing baggy coats and casual snow pants. You can easily master the Audrey Hepburn winter fashion by following our style advice below.

No Shades Are Too Big

An oversized pair of sunnies is essential to your classic Audrey Hepburn winter fashion. They’ll make a fashion statement when the rest of your winter outfit sort of blends together and has little definition. Think of it as looking extra chic without putting in any effort. For an added bonus, extra big sunglasses will block your face from harsh wind and cold temperatures, meaning no watery eyes or red cheeks. So you can think of them as winter protection too.

Cinch At The Waist

It’s common to get frustrated with your winter wardrobe by this time of year. You’ve been wearing heavy sweaters and coats and high-waisted leggings. At some point you miss seeing your curves and any kind of definition. A coat that cinches at the waist is complete Audrey Hepburn winter fashion. You’ll be certain to turn heads as many people don’t think twice before throwing on their coziest coat.

Cover Your Neck

Turtle necks are huge right now. Their classic and very Audrey Hepburn. In Charade she wears one that goes all the way around her head. You don’t have to go this far, but a simple black or cream turtle neck turns your outfit up a notch from the casual crewneck seaters. Besides, it will elongate your neck and keep it warm too!

Finish With A Hat

Finally, top everything off with your favorite hat. Audrey Hepburn’s hat is incredibly unique in style and looks more pulled together than those floppy beanies we see everywhere. A popular style to try today is a black hat with a fuzzy ball on top. This way your hat stays up and it makes your outfit that much more feminine.