bb vs cc cream
Image: Sunflowerr

We have always pondered the differences between the two makeup products everyone raves about: BB vs. CC cream. Is there some real difference or is it just a hoax to attract more customers? Where is the hype coming from?

First we need to know that both products come from Asia. Both products are simply a variation of tinted moisturizers with added benefits. But the benefits can be quite different.

BB cream

BB creams are quite thick, but not like a foundation. They provide much more moisture to the skin and provide limited sun protection in the mix. Depending on the brand, you may find some extra benefits of these BB creams, but light coverage, moisturizing and light SPF protection is added to its formula. Stores have sold so many of them over the years. The products that we receive are quite different from the ones used originally in Korea, but it is still healthier for the skin than a regular foundation, or so they claim.

The one downside of a BB vs. CC cream is that since it is used in light layers and SPFs are usually not very high, the cream might not provide enough protection from the sun. If you do not know how to read SPF you should know that SPF 15 will protect you for 150 minutes, SPF 25 for 250 minutes and so forth. And we usually wear our foundations for the whole day without reapplying, thus depriving our skin of that essential sun block. If you choose to use this cream find one with higher SPF or reapply when needed.

CC cream

CC Creams are advertised to have the same benefits as BB creams plus more. These creams usually have anti-aging properties, brightening base for better coverage of dark spots and blemishes, and healing properties to not just cover but also get rid of acne. The formula of BB vs. CC cream tends to be much thicker, and CC creams is usually lighter, smoother, and feels more natural. It isn’t used to cover up some major problems. however, it does give the skin a very nice even tint, and it is perfect for day to day use.

These CC creams come in drug-store brands as well as higher-end versions. You can choose one for you, depending on what skin conditions you are planning on battling.

The Verdict of BB vs. CC Cream?

We think that the ideas behind BB and CC creams are great and there are some amazing products out there for you and for us to try. We have tried many of BB and CC and even DD and EE creams and honestly we have found little differences in them. And so have some reviewers that we have found online.

Their textures are truly lighter than those of a regular foundation and they do moisturize the skin. We still believe that choosing these products can bring great benefits to dry or blemished skin – especially if you do not wish to wear any heavy foundation on your skin on a daily basis, which can be quite unhealthy.