Vogue Style Fashion Girl with Black Lipstick and Trendy Black Caviar Manicure. Long False Eyelashes
Image: Shutterstock/Subbotina Anna

Applying black lipstick the wrong way can make you look like a Kylie Jenner-wanna-be or just someone confused about when Halloween is. Thanks to this guide on how to pull off black lipstick you won’t end up being that girl.

Yes, pulling off black lipstick is risky, and there is a large room for error, but that does not mean it’s impossible!

Here are some great tips to pull off a black lipstick.

Find the right black

It’s easy to assume that black is black, but the truth is, not all shades are created equal. Your Halloween lipstick won’t be able to get you the same pigmentation and impact like a high-end lipstick.

So, start by investing in a good quality black lipstick which won’t bleed if things end up being too hot.

Start with a lip liner

Bleeding is a major issue with dark lip colors, and lip liners can be a great way to avoid it. Start with a black liner, and draw around your mouth to make sure nothing bleeds out.

Yes, we know it’s difficult to find a black lip liner in the market. But here is a tip: use a clear and mattifying lip liner instead.

Apply with a lip brush

It’s easy to mess up with a dark color, and difficult to clean up after you have messed up. If you have applied red lip shades before, you might know that the struggle is real.

Lip brushes provide a way to go slow and precise, with less room for error.

Keep your lips as the focal point

A black lipstick is a big statement in itself, so you don’t need heavy eye makeup or blush to go along with it.

The best way to go? Add light, neutral blush and winged eyeliner.

Skin tone doesn’t matter

Anybody who says black lip shade only looks good on certain skin tones is a fool. Straight up jet black shade looks good on any skin tone and that’s just how it is.

Though if you have a light skin tone, blot the shade a little to make sure the shade isn’t too shocking or terrifically severe.

Stick to mattes

Glossy or frosted shades might look good, but they are too difficult to maintain and too easy to bleed. Also, not a lot of people can confidently pull off dark glossy shades.

If you’re experimenting with black for the first time, stick to mattes. If you like applying a clear gloss over matte lipsticks to keep them from drying, only apply the gloss to the center of the lips.

Take it on a test drive

Going on a grocery run? Wear your black lipstick to test it out, before you wear it on a night-out with friends. This way you will get an idea about how durable it is and if it could bleed out.

Bonus—you’ll also get used to people staring you. While you might think it’s because you look like a clown, in reality, it’s only because you are wearing a black lipstick…and you look fabulous.

Still unsure? Pick an almost-black shade

If you are still not sure about pulling off a black lipstick, build up your confidence by wearing some dark burgundy shades first.

Once you think you are confident enough, bring out the black!