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Bring the brightness back to your eyes using the best treatments for dark under eye circles. As we get older, the skin beneath our eyes begins to get thinner. It also loses most of its natural fat pad. Sun and other environmental factors can also help weaken the skin beneath our eyes. When the skin becomes thinner, it loses moisture and elasticity. Natural collagen production also lessens. Here are some simple ways to banish under eye dark circles.


Take two slices and place them on top of your eyes for at least 15 minutes. Easy and effective.

Know Your Allergies

Your dark under eye circles may be the result of an allergy. Simply identify the allergy and treat it, or get rid of the allergen. Most allergies can be treated with over the counter and prescription drugs. One common allergy that causes dark under eye circles is a gluten allergy. This means that you are allergic to wheat flour. You can also try taking multivitamins to help tame your allergies.


The most important thing that you can do to banish under eye circles is to get lots of sleep. Determine how much sleep you need. This will usually be between seven to nine hours. Now try to get this amount of sleep for a couple of weeks and see if this helps minimize your under eye dark circles. Abstain from drugs or alcohol in order to sleep better. The lack of sleep will lead to poor vitamin and mineral absorption, which can also cause dark under eye circles

Use Tea Bags

Tea bags contain tannin, which will help reduce swelling and discoloration. Another handy trick is to wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth and place these on your eyelids. The best time to do this in during the morning. Before putting the tea bags on your eyelids, refrigerate them first until they become cool. Put them on your eyelids and leave them on for at least 15 minutes.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin E. This will help you to have healthy eyes and help prevent dark under eye circles from appearing.

Load Up on Vitamin C and Iron

Vitamin C and iron can also help reduce dark under eye circles. You can get Vitamin C and iron by eating foods such as skinless chicken and red, yellow and orange peppers. You can also take vitamin c tablets and iron supplements.

Use Effective Ingredients in Your Eye Cream

While there are dozens of eye serums on the market today, they are not all effective at removing under eye dark circles. However, if you choose ingredients that plump up your under eye area and fade dark circles, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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