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Any massage you receive offers relaxation and bliss, but facial massages are especially rewarding. Not only do they relax you, facial massages have many benefits similar to those from botox and plastic surgery. With it’s soothing properties as well as practical results, you can always  justify a facial massage during your busy day. Here are some of the specific beauty and health benefits!


Gentle, routine facial massaging can relieve tensions in places on the face that create wrinkles. Between the brows, around the mouth and eyes are all places that can be massaged in order to lessen the chance of unwanted wrinkles popping up. It also increases blood flow to encourage cell turnover and help the skin regenerate itself faster.

Detoxify the body

The lymphatic system is benefited greatly by a gentle massage of the face. This system is responsible for ridding your body of toxins, and many lymph nodes find their home in your face around your chin and jaw. Lack of facial movement causes the lymphatic system to slow down, which creates a build up of toxins. With regular gentle massages, this build up can be prevented and your body can better rid itself of harmful toxins to reveal healthier looking skin.

Prevent acne

By increasing the blood flow in your facial muscles with a massage, you are improving the overall health of your skin. The ability of your skin to heal itself and resist bacteria will significantly go up after just a few days of regular massaging. Cell turnover and resiliency will go up, leaving clear and healthy skin.

Erase dark circles

Just as your skin can loosen and droop over time, so do the blood vessels under your eyes that show those dreaded dark circles. Regular massaging of the muscles around the eyes could help make them less prominent by tightening them and encouraging blood flow. Start at your brow bone and gently rub outward, then down creating a complete circle.

With all of these benefits of a facial massage, you now have an excuse to go get one! A day at the spa doesn’t have to be something you feel guilty for anymore, it’s for your health!