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Beauty Boot Camp: 8 Hacks To Repair Your Hair From Winter’s Damage

Winter can be tough. The air is much dryer so it causes damage to both your skin and your hair. The blasting cold temperatures cause your locks to appear frizzy, flyaways are much more visible, and getting a style to hold is almost impossible. Now that the spring and summer seasons are on the way, it’s time for you to take the necessary steps to get your hair back to its soft and luxurious state. Here are 8 hacks to repair your hair from winter’s damage.

Get A Trim

Hair damage is generally the most noticeable at the ends. This is where the hair has been subject to the most trauma. When you are fighting damage, trimming off even just a little bit is going to make a noticeable difference. If you are daring enough, chop it into a short bob or pixie cut and start growing it again all over.

Condition Daily

Make sure that throughout the winter and beyond you are conditioning your hair daily. This will prevent your strands from getting dry and brittle and will keep them protected.

Limit Heat Applications

The more you straighten, blow dry, and curl your hair, the more you are subjecting it to the damage that goes along with heat. If you do use a heat styling method, explore your options for protective products that can be applied first to repair your hair gradually.

Condition With Olive Oil

Apply a conditioning treatment using just olive oil. Slightly warm up some olive oil, about a half a cup, rub it on your strands and cover your head with plastic. Then bind everything up in a towel and let it sit for 45 minutes or so. Shampoo and rinse to discover the added moisture.

Whip Up An Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

Repair your hair with another home remedy. Use two tablespoons olive oil, three egg whites, and one teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Mix them up and massage into your hair. Let it sit for thirty minutes or so before shampooing out.

Take Omega-3 Supplements

Also, taking an Omega-3 supplement like evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, or borage oil can help to put moisture back into your hair. Also, eat a diet rich in Omega-3’s like salmon, walnuts, soybeans and flaxseeds.

Keep Your Hair Styles Simple

Instead of styling your hair every day with heating tools and a lot of different chemical products, try to keep a style that is more natural and does not require much work to alter it. Ask your hairdresser for a style that will be low maintenance. If you do want to style it, use plastic rollers or braids for a natural effect.

Be Careful With Brushing

Be gentle when brushing out your strands. Use a detangler and a wide tooth comb and never pull or tug forcefully at your hair. Pulling will cause your strands to break giving you more fly-aways and a frizzier appearance.

Now that winter is wrapping up and summer is fast approaching, get your hair back to a more desirable condition using some or all of these methods. You will enjoy being able to manage your locks more easily, and you are sure to be satisfied with the way your previously damaged hair now shines.