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Beauty Bootcamp: Whiten Teeth In 5 Minutes For $5

It’s spring, which means that weddings, graduations, proms, and all sorts of big events are just around the corner—not to mention summer! It’s more important than ever to have a bright smile. Next time you want to whiten teeth and you’re at the drugstore don’t waste $50 on Crest Whitestrips or those trays of blue gel. Don’t make an expensive dentist appointment to whiten teeth either. You can get a ridiculously white smile in just five minutes at home. The best part? It only costs five dollars.

The best kept secret on the Internet is Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel. It’s easy to use, enamel friendly, and you get two ounces (so you won’t run out quickly). You can find it for $5 at Walmart. On Amazon, it’s also eligible for Prime shipping and bulk ordering.

The Plus White gel is a great option for people too sensitive for white strips or other methods. One reviewer says, “I’ve tried Crest Whitestrips in the past and after only one use my teeth were killing me…they were throbbing and sensitive and stayed that way for a week. Not the case with this gel. You can leave it on the max time every single day and you won’t feel any pain or sensitivity.”

If you’re more comfortable using a mouth guard for whitening, you have a few options. Plus White sells a complete kit that includes a mouth guard and rinse ($12). You can also buy extremely cheap guards online (99 cents each). After boiling in water, either option will fit your teeth perfectly and keep the gel in place.

After trying expensive Whitestrips, rinses, toothpastes, and other bleaching methods, I can confidently say that the Plus White gel will be the best $5 you’ve put towards whitening your teeth. So go ahead, set aside five minutes to whiten teeth and get your perfect smile. You won’t regret it.