Beauty Hack To Fix A Dry Nose

It’s winter, and you’re sick and tired of blowing your nose, rubbing your nose, sniffling, and just about anything else nose-related. A dry nose can cause all sorts of problems, such as stinging when you’re in hot yoga or flaking at the most inconvenient times. A severely dry nose can even lead to nose bleeding. I think we can all agree that having a dry nose is the worst.

So let’s not make your Monday any worse by suffering from a pesky dry nose. Our Monday beauty hack is a little hack to fix a dry nose instantly. The only thing you’ll need is your lip balm. If it’s a thicker consistency, simply apply it to the outside edges of your nose and around the top. If your lip balm is more of a gel that you squeeze out of the tube, then use your finger to apply the balm in the same way. If your nose is extra dry, then you can even apply it to the inside of your nose. If you do this, please be sure to never apply it to your lips again. Because that’s just nasty.

This hack to fix a dry nose will instantly eliminate any flakiness, while also providing a soothing, instant relief. If you keep this trick up, your dry nose will heal much faster than it originally would have.

There you have it. Greet your Monday with a smile and happy heart, because you can be sure that your nose will be smooth and pain-free no matter how many times you blow your nose.

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