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Beauty Hacks That Will Help You Look Better In Photos

We all know that person who takes great photos, no matter what. They just seem to be photogenic, or as they’d say in classic Hollywood, “the camera loves them.” You, too, can be that person. With a few easy makeup hacks, you’ll be ready for any sudden party selfies. Here’s how to look better in photos.

Bake Your Makeup

If you want a perfect photo, bake your makeup. The look is very heavy and is made for perfect photos. It leads to a smooth, yet highlighted, appearance in photos. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s just a way of applying makeup in layers and letting it set using skin’s natural heat. You can find out more here.

Keep The Flash In Mind

The flash is meant to illuminate everything, but that isn’t always to your advantage. For instance, avoid powders that are 100 percent silica, as they can flash white in photos. Also, reach for the bronzers to counteract that washing-out effect of flash photography.

Eyelashes Are The Focal Point

Since eyes tend to be the focal point of any photo, you’ll want to make sure your eyelashes are curled well and you are wearing a decent mascara that gives volume, but doesn’t clump. Curled lashes will open up your eyes, and mascara will draw attention to your eyes.

Get Perfect Brows

Having well-trimmed and filled brows can make your whole appearance look more awake and alert. Thin, transparent eyebrows will washout a look. Thick eyebrows will add to much weight to a look. Make sure to subtly fill in eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil if you have light brows and tweeze if you have dark, heavy ones. And completely drawn-on, heavy eyebrows are a no-no. It looks too fake.

Veer Toward Semi-Matte

When looking for makeup, look for semi-matte finishes. Too shiny and you’ll look like a disco ball in all your photos. Too flat, and your makeup finish will make you look flat and washed out. To get the perfect look, also consider mixing makeup with different finishes together, such as a matte foundation and a shimmery highlighter.

Be Smart About Highlighting

The flash will already be accenting everything, most likely, so stay conservative on highlighting. Accent only the parts of your face that you think need it. For instance, prominent cheekbones are already ok on their own. But a good trick for accenting eyes is to add a subtle light shade of shadow or liner right under the brow to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Just make sure to go easy on the amount you use or the flash could accent the area too much and look unnatural.