Hot tea for beautiful skin
By: •● Atelier Encantado ●•

Beauty Hacks Using Tea

Tea has always been an amazing beverage. It’s rich in antioxidants, it’s a great way to curb thirst without the calories and its earthy taste and characteristic astringent feel can get quite addicting. But when you’re done with those tea bags, remember there’s a multitude of beauty hacks using tea.

Tea For Tired Eyes

This is perhaps one of the most popular uses for used tea bags. You can place black tea bags under your eyes to get rid of puffiness, dark areas and a general tired appearance. Soak two tea bags in warm water, and then place the damp tea bags right under your eyes for 20 minutes. The tannins in tea are reputed to be what reduces the puffiness.

Hair Color

Tea has been used to dye hair for centuries. Black tea will act as a natural hair darkener and is great for grays, while chamomile tea is a popular DIY hair lightener. Tea won’t do anything drastic the way chemical dyes that lift color will, but it can act as a color enhancer.

For black tea’s darkening effects, brew three tea bags in a couple cups of boiling water. Steep for 5-10 minutes and let cool. Apply the tea to your hair with a spray bottle, and be sure to coat hair completely. Then leave it on for one hour and rinse. For added darkening effects, add sage and/or rosemary to the tea (equal parts herbs to tea) while brewing.

Chamomile tea will add a subtle sun-kissed look with a highlighting effect. To brighten hair with chamomile tea, brew a strong cup. Use one or two bags in a couple cups of hot water for 15 minutes or more. Apply all over the head or target strands for a stronger highlighting effect. Sit in the sun and let your hair dry for about 30 minutes. Repeat until you see the desired effect.

Hair Conditioner

Tea can even condition hair, leaving it nourished, silky and manageable. It’s even been reputed to help with hair growth. If you plan on using tea to color hair, you’re already conditioning. Otherwise, if you want to leave your color alone, simply brew some tea. The tea should be warm, and then use it as a rinse after your regular shampoo.

Abrasion Soother

Black tea can even stop bleeding and soothe pain in cuts and minor abrasions. The tannic acid in tea shrinks blood vessels to stop the bleeding, and some simple pressure will help stop the bleeding, as well. Simply press a wet tea bag to the area. This is a great remedy for razor burn especially. Tea’s soothing, astringent qualities will get rid of the sting.

Makeshift Toner

Tea can actually tone skin and reduce oiliness. The antioxidants in tea will also help repair and protect skin from damage. You can just wipe a wet tea bag over your skin, and make sure to hit the oily parts the most. You can also brew a very strong tea with a few bags steeping for several hours. Apply the tea to your skin with a cotton ball.