Closeup of blond hair during hair dressing with curler
Image: Shutterstock/Sinisa Botas

Beauty Throwback: 5 Reasons To Bring Back Hair Rollers

It is unlikely that many people still have hair rollers these days, but there are numerous benefits to bringing them back. Aside from giving you soft, bouncy, voluminous curls, hair rollers are downright fun to wear while getting ready in a bright-colored robe. Why not channel your old-Hollywood actress while primping in front of the mirror? But let’s get down to the facts on why you should still be using hair rollers.

First of all, there’s a difference between hair rollers and hot rollers. Hair rollers are lightweight and velcro-like. You typically put them in your hair while it’s wet, and you can let them sit and air dry, or you can sleep in them and wake up with perfect curls. This method avoids heat, which is tremendously better for your hair’s health.

Hot rollers need to be heated up before placing them in the hair. While they are still a thermal product, they do not damage your hair as severely as curling irons, straighteners, and the blow dryer. With dry hair, hot rollers must sit for 10-20 minutes.

Here are the top benefits to using hair rollers.

1. No Heat Damage

The biggest benefit of using generic hair rollers is to prevent your hair from heat damage. As far as actual texture and appearance, hair rollers won’t dry your hair out like a heated technique. This means the ends of your hair will remain soft and free of breakage.

2. You’ll Get More Done

Another benefit is productivity. Every girl who curls her hair often knows that using a curling iron can be a major pain. It takes time and energy, and you’re attached to a cord so you can’t move around. With rollers you can walk around wherever you please and get more done.

3. More Volume

Because hair rollers hold your hair up in a roller, you’re simultaneously creating volume. This is unlike wearing braids to bed. In this case your curls will lay flat and limp.

4. More Defined Curls

Each section of hair is separated by a roller which allows the curls to be voluminous and defined. Your curls will be evenly distributed instead of clinging together as they typically do when using a curling iron.

5. Easily Customizable

Hair rollers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. You can achieve long, wavy curls, tight, bouncy curls, or bigger, bombshell curls. You don’t have to invest in several different curling irons, which tend to be expensive. Instead, opt for hair rollers for budget-friendly, customizable curls.