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Beauty Throwback: 70s Style Glossy Eye Shadow

When you first think of 70s style you probably think long boho hair with bangs and bold eyeliner. Add some bell bottoms to the picture and you’ve got it. But one less obvious makeup trend is glossy eye shadow. 70s babes nailed the sultry makeup look with dewy lids in shades ranging from silver to bright neon green. And they pulled it off fabulously.

This week’s throwback beauty trend is a bold look from the past, but it is far from irrelevant. The Fall Winter 2015-2016 runways were heavy on the eye shadow and light on the rest of the face. They’re the focal point in makeup this season, which is why this is the perfect time to try this 70s glam style for yourself. Don’t simply apply the glossy shadow to your lid—reach it to your eyebrows and down to the inner corners of your eyes. When it comes to 70s style glossy eye shadow, go big or go home. 

Channel your inner 70s hippie this weekend. The glossy makeup looks best at night when it can really glow against a night sky or dark music venue. Complete your style with platform heels and flare pants.

Before you apply the shadow, make sure you use a primer on your eyelids for longer-lasting makeup. Use a liquid eyeliner to match the glossy texture of your eye shadow. After applying the eye shadow, get 70s style lashes with a volumizing mascara. Finish with makeup setting spray if you’re preparing for a long night out.

We love Ucanbe’s Intense Shimmery Eye Gloss because it comes in a pack with several shades to choose from depending on how bold or subtle you wish to go. If you want to go extremely dark and dewy, try Hard Candy’s Eye Def Metallic Liquid Eye Shadow in Knockout. Sophisticated mossy greens ruled the runway this season as well. If you want to stick as close to this 70s style trend as possible, wear Divine’s Luxury Liquid Eye Shadow in Galaxy. You can still rock 70s style glossy eye shadow without going too far out of your comfort zone. Jane Iredale’s Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow in Champagne Silk is the perfect solution if you want a more natural glossy look. RMS Beauty’s Cream Eye Shadow in Solar is a similar option that comes in a cream texture rather than gloss. Cream eye shadows a great way to mock the look without fully committing.

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