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Beauty Throwback 90s Top Knots

Who said the top knot was a new invention? 90s babes were the queens of the top knot. And we’re not just talking one bun on top with some hair pulled down. We’re talking top knot, top knot with bangs, and the double top knot. Now that it’s 2016, we need to change up our top knot game from the same old look to something a little more, well, 90s. Check out these 90s top knots for some throwback hair inspiration.

Top Knot

Of course there’s the traditional top knot that we’ve all been rocking for months now, also know as the half up knot. Begin by gathering the top third of your hair and section it off with a clip. We’ll work with the bottom half first. Use a one-inch curling iron to create loose waves. The key to pulling off a half up knot is to keep it as beachy as possible. To create beachy waves, start wrapping the hair around the iron halfway down the strand. Hold for just a second for true just-off-the-beach waves. Once you have curled the entire bottom half of your hair, rub an anti-frizz serum into your hands and comb through the curls to make them piecey. You don’t want the iron to touch any hair near your roots because you need to keep that slight frizz and volume to balance out the knot.

Now for the bun. Brush through the top section of hair and gather it together in your hands. Make sure you have enough hair to create a medium-sized bun. You want the bun to be slightly on top of your head, but no further. Use your fingers to gently pull on the front section of your hair to create a bit of volume. Add hairspray and voila! You just pulled off the half up knot.

Top Knot With Bangs

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Now we’re really moving in the 90s top knots. This look adds bangs for an edgier look. Instead of creating beachy waves, try to keep your hair sleek and straight for this look. Your hair can look too shaggy if you have messy hair with bangs and a bun. Once you’ve got the bottom portion styled, take the top third section of your hair and secure it in a bun. Make sure you leave your bangs out. If you don’t have bangs, you can always leave some shorter pieces down in front if you have layers. Add a bit of dry shampoo to your bangs to create volume and texture.

Double Top Knot

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Finally, we’ve got the most daring of the 90s top knots. This flirty look is making a major comeback this season thanks to the successful top knot trend. Separate your hair into two sections. Make sure your middle part is even. Secure each bun and tug on the hair in front a bit so your hair doesn’t look plastered to your head. Add volume will make this look more casual and messy. Don’t stress over loose pieces because you don’t want super tight buns.