The Young Americans tour at the Washington DC Capital Centre on 11 November 1974
Image: Wiki Commons/Hunter Desportes

Beauty Throwback: David Bowie’s Beauty Trends

David Bowie will undoubtedly be remembered just as much for his iconic style as he will be remembered as a legendary musician. Of course his album cover for Aladdin Sane is his most popular look, but this is only a glimpse into the ways he changed the fashion and beauty world forever. From defined lips that we totally envy to shaggy, voluptuous hair, here is the best of David Bowie’s beauty trends.

Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie, shooting his video for Rebel Rebel in AVRO's TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974.
Image: Wiki Commons/AVRO

Bowie is also remembered as Ziggy Stardust, his first alter ego. In the early 70s, Ziggy Stardust became the symbol of the glam rock scene. Though mullets were one of Bowie’s favorite styles to rock we certainly don’t see the hairstyle returning anytime soon. But we do have to compliment Bowie on his ability to make this mullet look chic with the addition of an eyepatch and hoop earrings, teaching us all that an accessory here and there can go a long way in transforming your entire look.

The Thin White Duke

David Bowie at the O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, Ontario Canada on 28 February 1976
Image: Wiki Commons/Jean-Luc Ourlin

Bowie surprised everyone when he chopped off his mullet mane and dyed his hair platinum blonde—one of the most popular hair colors today. With this new look in 1974 came Bowie’s new alter ego, The Thin White Duke.

Glass Spider Tour

David Bowie bei Rock am Ring 1987: at the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park music festival
Image: Wiki Commons/Elmar J. Lordemann

If you didn’t have big hair in the 80s then, well, you were irrelevant. Bowie’s mullet came full force in the 80s during his Glass Spider tour. While it’s common to look back at the mullet (and 80s hair in general) with a gasp of disgust, we have to admit—Bowie’s hair makes us swoon here.

Bowie never ceased to set beauty and fashion trends, and he continues to inspire bold style all around the world. Whether it’s his confidence in himself, his passion which drove his career and changed the music industry forever, or his fearless fashion and beauty choices that influence you, there’s no doubt that David Bowie’s beauty trends and his musical career have permanently left their mark.