Beautiful young woman enjoying afternoon tea with selection of fancy cakes and sandwiches in a luxury Parisian restaurant
Image: Shutterstock/Ekaterina Pokrovsky

Is it the long cigarettes or the effortless off-in-the-distance stare? Or, maybe it’s the perfectly knotted neck scarf and the just-so hair. Whatever it is, French women have it in spades. It’s the x-factor that we all wish to achieve but never feel like we do. But, the truth is, French women live a certain kind of lifestyle and, through their culture and daily life, they gain a confident sex appeal that we all wish that we could bottle.

Here are a few tips on how to be as gorgeous and sexy as any Parisian:

Take it Easy on the Makeup

Makeup should emphasize your best qualities rather than attempt to mask your flaws. Because when we mask our flaws, we often call more attention to them. But, when we embrace our own natural beauty and use make up as a way to play up the things that we love most about ourselves, it becomes a tool rather than a crutch. French women know this. That is why they are so often out and about wearing simple, understated makeup.

Watch Your Diet

Why are so few French women overweight? They eat small portions and stay active. Is that shocking? No. It’s not. It’s the best way to stay thin and healthy. It is also great for your confidence, your skin, your mood and your overall wellbeing.

Take Care of Your Skin From a Young Age

Skincare should not be for only the aging woman, or man. French women take care of their skin their whole life from a young age. It starts early with sunscreen and maintenance. Skincare is more preventative than it’s meant to attack wrinkles or aging once they have occurred.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

This might sound gross to some of you, but it’s actually good for your hair and keeps it healthier and stronger. It also allows your natural oils to condition and add shine. The second day bun or third day beret are great ways to keep your look fresh and fun, without drying out your beloved locks.

Drink Red Wine

The health benefits are great, and the taste is divine. Who doesn’t love a little red wine? French women are always drinking water and wine, water and wine, day in and day out and their skin and radiant beauty are testaments to the fact that the regimen works.

Embrace Imperfections

This is easier said than done. But, the French embrace the beauty in the imperfect. French women with large noses, or imperfect teeth are not afraid to show them off. Who says that having a unique feature doesn’t just make you all the more beautiful?

Bold Red Lips

Bold lips are a statement that says “Look at me! I am here!” But, they’re not desperate or over the top. They are elegant, striking, and classic. You simply can’t go wrong.

“Je ne said quoi” Attitude

Beauty comes from within and the happier, less stressed, and more confident you are, the more beautiful you will be to everyone around you. This may just be the real secret from French women we’ve all been searching for.

French women have sex appeal, confidence and a whole heap of great genes. But, you too can have that same simple sexiness. You just have to own who you are, be ready to be bold, and take care of yourself. The rest will fall into place.