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Whether it’s your first date, a special occasion, or just a fun night out, every girl wants to look her best before a date. Usually, the more she likes a guy, the more she’ll try to impress him with her looks. To up her game, she’ll try a variety of products and treatments to make sure she’s reaching her peak potential. Sometimes, this can take a few hours to prepare before the date, depending on the treatment. This can be a huge mistake! If you wait until a few hours before the date, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Some treatments need a few days to work, or for your body to recover from. If you go on a date too soon after the treatment, your confidence may not be as high as you’d like. Here are the treatments you should avoid right before a date, and the proper timeline for maximum beauty.

Waxing/Shaving Body Hair

Yes, before a date, you may want to wax your eyebrows or your legs so you can feel like the goddess you are. However, waxing/plucking/shaving your skin can leave red blotches, and make your skin itchy. Particularly in your bikini area. Plus you run the risk of an ingrown hair right before you’re supposed to go out and win this guy over! Do yourself a favor: go a week before the date for a wax, and a day or two before shaving.

Getting Your Teeth Whitened

A killer smile can go a long way. But did you know that your teeth are most susceptible to new stains within 48 hours after getting them whitened? Also, your teeth become more sensitive to temperature, and to pain. This can throw off what you order at the restaurant, what beverage you drink, or even what lipstick you wear! Go in for a whitening or do an at-home treatment no less than a week before your date.

Getting A Facial

We understand that you want your face to be looking its freshest for the occasion, but the first few days after a facial, your skin will be red and prone to breakouts. Especially if you’ve never had the procedure done before, you don’t know how your skin will react. Either do it four or five days in advance, or use an exfoliating scrub while in the shower instead. Same effect with less risk.

Cutting/Coloring Your Hair

A date is a good excuse to change up your look, sure. But what if it doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to, and then you have to either wear a hat or cancel the date altogether? It’s better to make a drastic change like that two or three weeks before a date, so your hair will have time to settle after the cut. During this time, you can play with it and find what styles work best, or recolor it if you have to. Two hours before your date is the worst time to change your hair, trust us.

Going to a Tanning Salon

Just don’t. You’ll look like an Oompa Loompa or Donald Trump.