Thought Ayurveda was all about turmeric and tongue scraping? Think again. Practicing a breast massage is actually an ayurvedic technique that we can still greatly benefit from today.

The Benefits of a Breast Massage

The benefits of a breast massage are many, including flushing out toxins through the lymphatic system, reducing pain, improving range of motion, and increasing the flow of prana (breath, or energy life force). A breast massage can even break up scar tissue after mastectomy, reconstruction, or open-heart surgery.

Using oils like chamomile, oregano, frankincense, and sesame can help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. They also help move stagnant energy away from such a vulnerable area. Traditionally in Ayurveda, the breast massage is used to release stagnant energy through the nadis, or energetic pathways in the body. This type of massage also uses pressure points along the chest and armpits that correspond to many lymph points.

Connect With Yourself

It is so important to feel connected to your own self. A breast massage is a great way to get to know yourself a little better. Notice how your breasts change throughout your monthly cycles. Pay attention to the health of your breasts and check regularly for lumps. This preventative practice is the ultimate act of self-love.

Get more comfortable with your own breasts to boost your sexuality, love your body, and feel more confident.

DIY Breast Massage

Cup your breast with one hand as you stand in front of a mirror. Massage with the other hand, working in gentle but firm strokes from the outer breast to the nipple. Bring your middle finger and thumb into a “V” shape and press from the outer edges to the center. Lift your arm up and use the opposite hand to massage the lymphatic area of the upper chest and inner armpit. Massage under the neck and on the sides of the throat up to the base of the ear.

Another breast health tip is to avoid wearing underwire bras when possible. Going braless helps reduce constriction in the breast area. Anytime the breasts are constricted, the flow of energy in the body is being blocked.