roses with water
Image: Shutterstock/sutsaiy

While we often use roses to decorate our homes or bottle the freshness in our favorite perfume, these classic blooms have much more to offer us when incorporated into our beauty regimen. Beauty gurus have come to find out that the benefits of rosewater are seemingly endless. Rosewater is full of anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties that work wonders on your skin, and aren’t too bad on your wallet either.

Facial toner

Whether you are prone to acne or you’re just looking for a healthy glow, using rosewater as a facial toner can revamp your complexion. The anti-inflammatory properties in rosewater help to reduce puffiness and redness in your skin, giving you a healthy complexion while also hydrating your skin. Most facial toners tend to be drying to your skin, causing more blemishes and scarring. With rosewater you can simultaneously hydrate and de-grease! Just dab some rosewater on a cotton ball and gently swipe over your face and neck before your regular beauty routine. Do this again at night before you head to bed for even more noticeable results.

Makeup remover

Say so-long to pricey, oily makeup remover that leaves your pores feeling clogged from heavy oils and harsh chemicals. Rosewater is effective at removing even the heaviest smokey eye, and does so in a gentle way that won’t burn your eyes or irritate your skin. And unlike other makeup removers, any lingering remnants of rosewater on your face will actually hydrate and heal your skin!

Vanish dark circles

Are you sick of waking up to puffiness and dark circles underneath your eyes after pulling an all-nighter? Me too. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, rosewater can drastically reduce the puffiness and darkness under your eyes when you don’t feel up to par. Just soak cotton balls in rosewater and place them on your eyes for about five minutes while enjoying your morning cup of coffee. You’ll start the rest of your beauty routine feeling refreshed and might even fool your coworkers into thinking you got a full eight hours of sleep!

Get that dewy glow

It’s no secret that the dewy glow is everywhere and coveted by models and beauty fanatics alike. Want your makeup to look natural and healthy? Just spritz a little rosewater on your face after applying your makeup and voila, you have a beachy, healthy glow.

Natural dandruff eliminator

While we are all welcoming fall and winter with open arms, we tend to forget the drying effects it has on not just our skin, but also our scalps. If you tend to suffer from dandruff during the colder months, just spritz some rosewater on your roots and you’ll notice the hydrating effects almost immediately. Not only will it cure the itching, but it will hydrate your scalp without greasing up your hair. Seems like a win-win to me!