best beauty blogs
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What are the best beauty blogs? Just like fashion, beauty is also rocking the industry. Everybody is beginning to put more attention on beauty and appearance. One funny truth about this is that you can easily know all that is going on in the beauty industry without necessarily being a part of it. All you need to do is just to get some beauty tips either on the internet, a blog, or commercial sources, learn more about the tips and what is trending in the beauty industry and then have a good discussion on the latest trends in town and you are good to go.

So whether you are interested to know more about the latest trend in the beauty industry or you just want to learn more about the most popular beauty blogs, here is a list of some of the best beauty blogs we have been able to put together.


Temptalia is one of the best beauty blogs as it provides different video tutorials and reviews comparing the different type of brands in the beauty industry. In fact, Temptalia will always have at least a vital piece of information to share.

Temptalia has a dupe list which has the database of colors that are nearly identical, making it so easy for readers to search and find their desired information on budget-friendly products.

Fair audits concentrate on the item, pigmentation, surface, appearance, lifespan, and application.
Such review concentrates more on the appearance, application, and longevity of the products.


Outblush goes beyond just one of the best beauty blogs. This makes it unique among other types of blogs as it focuses on fashion and general lifestyle. The beauty part of the blog has some reviews for lotions, makeup, cleansers, body products, and facial products.

The audits are short. However new items are highlighted regularly on the blog, and the site is clear about price points and esteem.

The beauty part of the blog has short reviews, but new products are updated on a constant basis, and the prices for each product are clearly stated on the site.


Having two of the best beauty blogs on the east coast and west coast, this blog gives more product reviews and sheds light on what is happening in the industry. The most common reviews on product Girl are beauty events and makeup sales.


The invention and name of this blog came from a popularly known blogger named Karen. In this beauty blog, she focuses more on articles related to beauty news and tips and product review. This beauty blog is generating a lot of traffic, most especially by models and artists who are considering going into the beauty industry.


This list of the best beauty blogs will forever remain incomplete without talking about Bella Sugar. The site features beauty articles and it gives less of product reviews. Some of the articles popularly discussed on this blog are covering gray advice and tips on achieving new nail looks. Celebrities also use this blog frequently and provide tips on having the latest styles on the red carpet.


This beauty blog is regarded as a “down to earth” beauty related site. The main goal of this blog is to provide the latest information to women who understand what beauty entails and connect them together. On the blog site, there are also photos of some popularly known celebrities in the beauty industry. It also focuses on the drugstore for every woman and provides adequate beauty tips.