holiday hairstyles

One of the most social times of the year is upon us. Holiday gatherings run the gamut from super formal dinners to casual eggnog-swilling among family. Whatever the case, it’s a fun excuse to do something different with your hair. Below are several easy hairstyles for holiday parties, whether your gathering is ritzy or relaxed.

Half up bow

holiday half up bow
Image: Pinterest

Something about the holidays makes bows a go-to look (probably all the presents!). A nice half updo with a big classic black bow makes a great look for a formal holiday party.

Volume and curls

volume and curls holidays
Image: Pinterest

This look can go formal or be a nice accent for a more casual party. It just requires some light curling on the lengths and volume at the top with your favorite volumizing product.

Crazy Rudolph bun

crazy rudolph bun
Image: Pinterest

Going to a wacky themed holiday party, like an ugly sweater party? A tight bun with a red felt nose pinned in the middle and some googly eyes at the top of the bun make an instant Rudolph. Some pipe cleaner antlers sticking up from the bun round out the fun look.

Basic Dutch braid

dutch braid ponytail
Image: Pinterest

Elegant and classic, this is a great way to wear hair to a holiday party. The braid simply leads into a ponytail for a look that is embellished but casual.

Simple red bow

holidays red bow half up
Image: Pinterest

Nothing says festive like red bows. A simple red bow tied in a half updo is a classic look for the holidays. And easy, too!

Fishtail boho look

fishtail boho
Image: Pinterest

Need a look that’s a bit more casual for laidback gatherings? Tie two fishtail braids starting near the temples and lead them back around the dead. Then tie them at the back of the head. Some waves added to long lengths, and it’s a fun boho look for the holidays.

Sweater braids

sweater braids
Image: Pinterest

Wearing a cozy winter/holiday sweater with a hood? If you have long hair, you know how weird it can look cascading over that lumpy hood. So tie two pigtail braids at the back of the head so the braids are going down around each side of the hood. For a more unique look, pull the hair out of the braid slightly so that the braids have more volume.

Wrapover bun

wrapover bun
Image: Pinterest

Need a classic and elegant look for a fancy party? Tie a bun at the base of the neck, leaving a thick strand off to the side. Then pull that strand over the top of the bun, and pin the strand under the bun.