eye shadow for eye color
Image: Olga Ekaterincheva / Shutterstock

Have you ever felt that your eyeshadow doesn’t quite create the effect you’re after? It could be that you’re using the wrong shade for your natural coloring. Here’s some ideas on the best eye shadow for your eye color.

Brown Eyes

Purple shades: The color purple is particularly good for brown eyes with hazel flecks. The purple brings out the multiple dimensions of the iris while brightening the white of the eye.

Greenish gold: Green compliments brown on the color spectrum. The combination creates a beautiful autumnal tone. 

Deep blue: Deep blue and brown are contrasting colors so create a beautiful cat-eye look. This is especially suitable for the office or a formal setting. 

Gold: Gold works alongside brown to create a beautiful tone contrast. The gold lightens the eye while drawing attention to the iris.

Green Eyes

Taupe: Green eyes benefit from a neutral eyeshadow to really draw out the natural color of the iris. Taupe is great for this purpose. 

Purple: Green’s complimentary color is red, so purple makes a wise choice of eye shadow due to its red undertones. Purple is also a fun color that brings the eyes to life.

Smoky silver: Silver creates a gorgeous ethereal feel and works in harmony to create a smokey look. This eye shadow can be worked into the corners of the eyes for a particularly dramatic effect.

Metallic sage: Sometimes its good to use an eyeshadow that goes on sheer. This creates a really interesting, eye-catching effect.

Blue Eyes

Orange: Blue contrasts beautifully with orange. It doesn’t matter which shade of orange you go for. It could be a rusty or a sunset shade. The blue will pop when paired with any orange color.

Cool: Cool colors compliment the natural coolness of blue eyes. Silver, cream, lavender and other pale colors are extremely flattering.

Neutral: Neutral shades flatter the shape of the eye and can create a widening effect. They also bring out the natural color of the iris and don’t steal all the attention.

Evening: When creating a smokey effect using blacks and greys, the blue iris really stands out. This creates a dramatic effect and is particularly beautiful for an evening occasion.

Hazel Eyes

Neutral: Browns, pinks, and taupe are ideal for hazel eyes. They sit beautifully alongside the iris colors and bring out the natural beauty of the hazel color.

Purple: Deep shades of purple can be highly complimentary to hazel eyes. They bring out the brown in the eye while making the white of the eye really pop.

Gold and yellow: To create that gorgeous sunset effect, golds and yellows bring out the natural autumnal coloring of hazel eyes.

Grey Eyes

Black and silver: Grey eyes provide the perfect backdrop for smokey eye shadows. Grey and black shadows create a stunning effect and can be played down or dressed up depending on the occasion.

Grey: Grey eyeshadow can be used to create contrast around the eye. If you have dark grey eyes then a pale grey shadow can really draw them out. 

Whatever eye color you’ve been blessed with, there’s a shadow out there which can really make your eyes pop out and be noticed. All you need to know is which colors are particularly complimentary, and then you’ll have the best eye shadow for your eye color.