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The world of fashion is always changing, but there will always be people who are more passionate about fashion than others. The best part is that they are willing to share it with the rest of the world. Blogging started out as an avenue for people to share their thoughts and feelings, but in the long run, people started talking about things that they love. Whether they love food, beauty products, or fashion, the passion of bloggers has become evident through the things that they write and post. Have you checked out the best fashion blogs that the internet has to offer?

There are a lot of people who still aspire to become bloggers. This is okay because people have to start somewhere. But, there are also some who are considered to be top-tier. These are the bloggers with the best fashion blogs. They are able to get campaigns for well-known and trusted brands. These bloggers are able to earn a lot of money. Some even earn more than the typical office employees.

Here are the best fashion blogs

Cara Loren

Cara Loren
Image: caraloren.com

Cara Van Brocklin (Cara Loren) is a stylish mother of two who brings everything from fashion to home decor advice to her readers. Her simple yet boho style is certainly something to envy. Her Instagram captures her amazing sense of fashion, as well as her two adorable little boys, Arrow and Hanes. What’s not to love?

Girl with Curves

Girl With Curves
Image: girlwithcurves.com

Fashion can be interpreted by women of different sizes, and this is exactly what you can expect when you check out this blog created by Tanesha Awasthi. Aside from outfit inspirations and style advice that will allow women of all sizes to express their personalities through their clothes, Tanesha also creates makeup tutorials that are fun and easy to follow.

Brooke Testoni

Brooke Testoni
Image: brooketestoni.com

If you are searching for more relaxed and effortless style, then you have to check out Brooke Testoni. She makes the clothes that she wears look more elegant. She is very popular in Australia, and she is starting to become popular in other parts of the world too. It will not take a lot of time before her name becomes even more recognizable. This deserves a spot in one of the best fashion blogs.

Song of Style

Who doesn’t know Aimee Song? She is one of those bloggers who is living the life. She is a jet setter and a fashionista, and she can make everything that she wears look so good. It is not a surprise that she has worked with many amazing brands in the past. She can easily make the outfits she wears look cohesive.

A lot of the fashion bloggers that we see also have their very own social media accounts. The most popular social media account for fashion is Instagram. This is probably because it allows people to post beautiful images. Check out the best fashion blogs and the bloggers behind the blogs, and you may become inspired too.