best finishing powder
Image: Kittibowornphatnon

Finishing powders are known by so many different names. Several names have been given by popular brands. Whether it’s finishing powder, face powder, HD powder, or setting powder, they are all the same thing. The purpose of finishing powders is to enhance one’s overall makeup that has been applied on the top of the foundation. Today, finishing powders come in different shades because it can take the whole makeup look to a new level. That is why spending money on a finishing powder is a wise decision.

Due to the number of makeup brands available, it’s become very difficult to decide which company sells the best finishing powder. If you are brand conscious, and know your face very well, then you can simply purchase the one which matches your skin color, but if you are totally nob and want to invest your money in a good quality, and reputable, brand of finishing powder, then it could be a tad difficult for you.

You must know that finishing powders come in two different categories which include translucent and tinted. So, whatever you decide is the best finishing powder to buy, make sure to know whether it’s translucent or tinted and which one sits on your face perfectly.

Hourglass Ambient lighting powder

This finishing powder is created for those who are looking for a long term solution because it stays put on the face for nearly the whole day. While it is a glitter-free face powder, it gives the face a glowing look. It can be set with any cream easily. The package comes with a small mirror, however, there is no brush included in it. Pricewise, it is bit expensive.

Kat Von D locks it setting powder

This is one of the best finishing powder brands for two reasons: first, it is very cheap, and second, this powder stays put the whole day. It is a translucent powder and suits all skin tones easily. If you have oily skin, then this is the perfect face powder for you because its oil control formula keeps oily skin at bay.

MAC Mineralize skin finishing natural

MAC is known for their quality products. Its application stays put the whole day when it’s applied properly. Its creamy texture makes it very easy to apply to the face. If you are looking to set your foundation or looking for a “no makeup look”, this product is a “must-buy” because it is made to give a natural look to the face for people with different skin colors and tones.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder

Do not get it confused with Armani’s silk foundation. It is totally different makeup product. It is a translucent powder which is a perfect combination with Armani’s foundation. It gives the face a soft and luminous finish without settling into fine lines or caking.  Sadly it does not stay put the whole day without reapplying, but its formula provides a flawless matte finish which makes this brand among the list of the best finishing powders.