best matte lipstick
Image: Re_sky

There is no denying that matte lipsticks have ruled the fashion industry for years. However, other products like lip glosses have replaced them due to their moisture, texture, and natural colors. But now matte lipsticks are back in fashion once again and are trending hot as compared to other lip products. If you are the one who has used matte lipsticks before, then you should be excited because this time, companies are making these lipsticks better and in different selections.

Matte lipsticks have been famous for their long staying power. This is what makes them come back onto the market. But, there is one drawback of using them – dry lips. This is a major problem because matte is not very sticky as compared to lip gloss and regular lipsticks. A matte lipstick should not make the lips chalky and dry like the Sahara. It should be highly pigmented and last all day without any additional lip product. That’s why finding the best matte lipstick could be challenging. If you are planning to purchase one for yourself then you should take heed about these factors because without them, a matte lipstick does not qualify to be called the “best matte lipstick.”

The Best Matte Lipstick Brands

MATTE-500 by Rimmel London

Rimmel is known for their high-quality products. They have recently launched the series of beautiful matte lipsticks in different shades. Each of them does not have very natural colors but they smell like candy in best way! To make it comfortable for their consumers, the company has created creamier textures of their new mattes. This will help the lipstick last all day and does not make the lips dry.

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick

The matte lipstick by NYX is super easy to apply due to its traditional lipstick design. The range of matte lipsticks by NYX is limited but they all come up in very unique shades which suits all faces and colors. The new NYX matte lipstick last long and does not makes the lips dry due to its moisturize quality which also adds extra shine on the lips.

The mini size Matte Lip Velour

This matte comes in small sizes but do not judge it by its appearance. It is one of the expensive brands available to purchase among the list of the best matte lipstick. This product is a great choice for those who are looking for matte to make their lips smooth in natural colors. This matte is available in multiple colors including dark reds and purples to light pinks, etc.

Matte with creamy texture by Butter London

This list of lipstick brands is incomplete without talking about Butter London, which is one of the most popular makeup brands known for their high-quality and range of products. They have recently launched a whole new range of matte lipsticks due to its popularity once again in the public. The best thing about their matte is the verity of color selections. Instead of focusing on unnatural colors like purple and yellow for lips, they have focused on more natural colors. The creamy texture of this new matte by Butter London will protect the lips from dryness and also help them to last a whole day without applying any lip balm.