A lot of times, when girls get together they watch chick flicks, but what if you have watched them all? Perhaps it is time to gather a portfolio of some of best romance movies out there to watch. You will probably all laugh and cry together, especially when you talk about some of the scenes that you have watched afterward.

The reason why the best romance movies are so unforgettable is that they talk about types of love that may or may not exist in real life. There are some stories that you wish would happen to you in real life, but you know darn well that it can only happen in your dreams. Just remember that movies may increase our ideals. We believe that those things are going to happen to us very easily, but real life may not be as romantic. The love that you would share with someone eventually, or the love that you are sharing with someone now, is not any less because of what the movies portray.

The Best Romance Movies:

Here are just some of the movies that you should see with your friends.

The Notebook

Who cares if Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams could not stand each other when they were filming this movie? It is still one of the most romantic movies of all time. Watching this will never get old and the scenes are always sweet and wonderful.

Love Actually

If you want to get a feel of London, then this may be the right movie for you to watch. This movie, which first appeared in the year 2003, tells a story about people looking for love before Christmas. If you are going to watch this close to the Christmas season, you may be able to relate.

Say Anything

If you want to relive your high school days, you may want to watch this film that made a lot of people smile. This movie is about how a guy has persevered in courting the girl he likes. In a world now where courtship does not seem to happen anymore, this is one of the best romance movies from a completely different decade.

Pretty Woman

Who hasn’t seen Pretty Woman? A lot of people like this movie because it shows how a prostitute is able to find the love of her life in a millionaire, who was not looking for love in the beginning. This can make anyone believe that love is just around the corner. Though the man that you meet may not be a millionaire, he may be the man of your dreams.

A Walk to Remember

If you want a tearjerker, then this is one of the best films that you should watch. The story is about how a dying girl wishes to complete her bucket list, and the right guy, who used to be a bad boy, comes at just the right time. It will make you believe in love if you don’t, if even for just a short while.

Can you suggest some more of the best romance movies that you want to watch with your friends? Feel free to share your thoughts.