If you’re looking for something new to try, you’ll want to look into these hottest summer 2017 makeup trends. This year is more about a natural, casual look, perfect for the warmer months when you’re probably headed out to more causal events like cookouts. There are also some summer 2017 makeup trends that incorporate plenty of color. From a laid back smudgy eye to rosy soft lip colors, below are some top summer 2017 makeup trends to try.

summer 2017 makeup trends:

Smudgy eye:

For this look, think smoky eye, but not as pronounced on the eyelid. The smudgy eye blends out darker eye makeup colors, but keeps it close to the eyelashes.


Frosty eye shadows:

This is a nice bright look for summer, since you’re aiming for the more colorful looks of the frosty, cool shades. We’re talking bright lavenders, shimmery cool greens, metallic pinks and bright blues.


Corner eye highlighting:

If you’re looking for an instant way to give your complexion more of a bright look this summer, try a subtle highlighter in the corner of the eye. It instantly makes you look more alert and draws attention to the eyes.


No-makeup look:

Nothing says casual like the no-makeup look. For this look, you’ll apply some tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, maybe a nude lip color and mascara, and head out the door. It’s the ultimate low-maintenance look for summer.


Bronze eyes:

One of the more natural looks this summer is the nude bronze eye. It also pairs with a minimalistic makeup look, usually a soft pink lip color.


Pouty lips:

Full lips are big this year. For this look, moisturize and exfoliate your lips to both plump and smooth them out. Then apply a high-gloss lip color.


Expert cheek highlighting:

Want even more of a highlighted look this summer? Placing a bit of highlighter on the apple of the cheeks, and right up to the bottom of the outer edge of each eye, is a great way to add a brighter look. You can also place some right over each eyebrow and down the middle of the nose for an added highlighted effect.


Rosy cheeks:

Another big look this summer that adds more of a fun accent is reddish to dark pink cheeks. Any blush shade that will give you a healthy glow and works well with your skin tone will do, honestly. It’s also combined with minimal to no makeup so the focal point is on the cheeks.


Color change eye:

Another huge look if you’re going for color is to have an ombre eyelid. The look starts with a lighter shade like mint green in the corner of the eye, leads to a darker green or blue in the middle of the lid and on the outer edge of the lid ends up in a bright purple.


Soft rose eyes:

Like the delicate, low-maintenance look of rose lips, rose eyes are a great way to add a softer look for the summer.