Crop of two women with trendy stylish manicure in mint and bluet tones. female hands holding a pink handbag, fashion accessories, jewelry, large rings with large stones.
Image: Shutterstock/ AMS Studio

Finally. Summer is here. And you know what that means? It’s a perfect excuse to try a new nail design. From beach themes to bright colors to subtle, light hues, summer has always had a lot going on in the nail trend world. So, below are some of the top summer 2017 nail trends.

Rhinestone nude nails

This look has nude nails with a rhinestone accent nail. The rhinestones are at the tip of the nail in an ombre pattern. What makes this a nice look for summer is how well the rhinestones will glint in the sun. Plus, the nude nails create a lighter, lower-maintenance look for summer.

Neon tips

Neon colors are always a hit for summer. But if you don’t want to go full, distracting neon, this look places neon tips over white nails. It’s a stunning accent.

Delicate coral and lace

Light colors are always a hit in the warmer months, and this bright coral screams summer. The added white flower lace pattern on accent nails gives the style an even lighter look for summer.

Pink metallic nail

Also in the bright color vein are these light pink nails. Usually seen in spring, they’re a huge hit in the summer months, as well. A couple accent nails have a rhinestone base, while two other accent nails are in a shimmery metallic pink. How great would that reflect in the sun?

Lace accents

This is a more unconventional look for summer, but sometimes trends are about breaking the rules. This has a nude base on the nails, but then four nails are left with negative space bases with lace patterns drawn over them. Overall, this dark nail style ends up looking brighter and more delicate for summer thanks to the lace.

Pineapple accent nail

Who doesn’t love a good fruit salad under the summer sun? Celebrate summer with these neon pink nails that have a pineapple accent nail.

Teal with geometric accents

Celebrate summer with some bright teal nails. Make it look classy with some gray diamond-pattern accent nails.

Purple flowers

Flowers are normally a spring look, but why should they be limited to spring? Plenty of flowers bloom well into the summer. So celebrate the life of summer with bright purple nails that have purple flower accent nails.

Ocean-tinted glitter nails

What would summer nails be without beach themes? These ombre nails start a sea green and gradually turn an oceanic aqua. Glitter adds a sparkling sea look to the whole thing.

Pearlescent nails

Look for a shimmery white nail polish for this look. It will reflect in the sunlight when you’re out and about, looking super pretty.