Beautiful young Caucasian girl with curly hair outdoors
Image: Shutterstock/Satyrenko

For most women, frizz is an inevitable occurrence that can completely throw off your plan for a style. Unfortunately, sometimes that frizz is difficult to predict, because it takes something as quick as a change in humidity or sudden rain shower to throw off your hair game. Your day to day life is unpredictable enough as it is, so why should you have to worry about backup plans when it comes to styling in the morning, hours before said changes could even happen?

But, we have news: Combating frizz is possible. Follow these steps for a frizz-fighting hair routine that won’t let you down.

Conditioner is Key

By using conditioner, you lock in the moisture and prevent your hair cuticles from opening up. Look for formulas with coconut oil or shea butter for ultimate hydration. Additionally, when you’re applying, it’s crucial to only apply from the mid-shaft to end so that your roots do not get weighed down.

Hydrating Mask

Once a week, apply a special treatment, most importantly in colder weather. This will fill any small holes that might occur in your cuticle which would take in outside moisture to cause frizz. This one is our favorite. 

Bountiful Brushing

When you regularly brush your hair, you’re evenly distributing the natural oils in your cuticles. It’s important to hang your head upside down so you can cover all angles and pieces of hair. For those with straight hair, lock in that moisture by applying a dry oil to wet hair (from ends to mid-shaft).

Purse Preparation

As said before, it’s beyond your control in most instances when the weather could affect your hair. Keep a little kit in your purse for on-the-go fix its including a serum for those rainy days where you need to re-tame your hair, or even a hand/body lotion if your hair is in a ponytail and needs a bit more control.

Overnight care

If your hair has tons of texture another preventative measure would be to sleep with your hair wrapped in a silk scarf. This ensures that your cotton pillowcase will not absorb the moisture from your freshly washed hair. Wrap it up in a tight bun, and then a silk scarf.

It’s easy to check the weather or our daily schedule, but even if we plan months in advance for a certain occurrence, chances are something will suddenly come up. Hair care is crucial, even if we cannot foresee how the day might go exactly. Luckily, with such a wide variety of products and techniques for different types of hair, there are new additions that can be added to your daily routine to keep that frizz under control!