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Let’s face it. Makeup is one of the most crucial and visible parts of your overall beauty regimen. From beauty bloggers to cosmetic ads, there are so many places where beauty inspiration may strike. There are countless different looks that makeup can help you achieve, but the costs of the products can quickly add up. Makeup is a creative way to express yourself. Instead of breaking the bank each time a new beauty trend catches your eye, look no further than some of the best (and underrated) makeup brands that are actually affordable.


Essence not only has amazing products and affordable pricing, but their packaging is also top quality. This brand originated in Europe, and is currently sold at Ulta stores. With drugstore prices, Essence boasts a wide range of cosmetics. From eyebrow gel to nail polish and even palettes – this brand has it all.

Barry M

Barry M is a London based brand that has not yet fully caught on in the US. This line of cosmetics is cruelty-free and on-trend. Makeup and nail polishes are offered in neutral and bright colors, with amazing prices. They also have a line of makeup brushes that are chic, affordable, and high quality. This brand deserves a cult following, so I encourage you to be the first of your friends to be in the know!

Shanghai Suzy

This brand only sells lipstick, but they sure have mastered their art. Bold and bright seasonal colors are sold online and in various stores. These lipsticks have received rave reviews and offer a special “whipped matte” formula in certain products. These lipsticks are prestige quality, but are way better because they have a lower price tag. The entire collection is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


Pacifica offers collections of makeup, skincare, body products, and fragrances. All of their products are known for their sustainable and innovative qualities. Every single product is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Pacifica’s natural ingredients and affordable prices make this brand a must.

Physician’s Formula

This is a great option for those who have sensitive skin. If your skin is especially reactive to beauty products, you are probably fully aware of how expensive specialty cosmetics can be for sensitive skin. Physician’s Formula offers great options that don’t contain fragrances, irritants, or gluten. This brand offers extensive product lines and doesn’t cost an inflated amount of money—unlike so many of the products that target skin sensitivity and allergies. This brand was founded by an allergist, who first started creating cosmetics that would respond well to his wife’s sensitive skin.

There are constantly new beauty trends on Pinterest. With this list of affordable cosmetic brands, you will be able to test and play with as many new ideas as you wish. From makeup and skincare, to nail polish and fragrance, these brands have you covered. Don’t break the bank when you can get more for your money—in value and quality!