Spicy pumpkin latte on a wooden board with a sweater
Image: Shutterstock/Boiarkina Marina

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to show off your creativity! My favorite part about halloween isn’t finding a spooky or clever costume, it’s actually getting my nails done. I love wearing my personality on my hands. Before I choose a costume, I always try to plan out what I want my nails to look like first. There are so many halloween nail art ideas that finding one that isn’t too cliche or orange can feel pretty impossible. I spent almost two weeks browsing Instagram and Pinterest before landing on the perfect inspiration.

Halloween is all about experimenting with different looks and going out of your comfort zone. That doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate classic tropes like ghosts, mummies, and spiders into your manicure. Take your look to the next level by adding a fun twist like a sparkling accent nail or a color you’ve never tried before. If you’re not sure what manicure to get, we’ve got you. These halloween nails are bound to give your costume that spook factor it needs.

1. Spooky Ghost

I love that this manicure has two accent nails. The ghost is very fitting for halloween, while the glitter nail makes it super modern.

2. Jack-O-Lantern

The details on the pumpkin accent nail are insane! Painting the rest of your nails in a nude color makes this look simple and classy.

3. Matte Polka Dots

The “dotticure” trend is perfect for any season. Alternating between white and black as a base gives it a nice finishing touch. The best part is that you can replace the orange with another bright color once halloween is over.

4. Skeleton

Is it really halloween if you don’t have a skeleton on your finger? This color scheme is gorgeous and can match any costume. If you have any friends who are having a fall wedding, you can sneak in a bit of halloween fun with this manicure.

5. Fall Foliage

Love halloween but want something a little more traditional? We’ve got you covered. This fall inspired nail art is perfect for the chilly season. An added bonus is that you won’t have to take it off the day after halloween.

6. Spider Webs

If you’re a master at DIY, try your hand at this intricate spider web design. The hand drawn web on her finger make this manicure even creepier (in a good way)!

7. French Manicure

Here is a simpler take on the spider web trend. Drawing this minimalist design on a french manicure instead of a solid background makes it more unique.

8. Skulls and Foil

Getting the foil nail look is a lot easier than it seems. The key to getting a smooth application is to first paint your nails in a similar color first before you apply the nail foil. Once you’re done, cover your nails with transfer foil and lightly brush them with a cotton swab.

9. The Mummy

I’m obsessed with this modern spin on the mummy nail art trend. A red base will make your accent nail pop!