Braid Updo
Image: Anna-Victoria

The braid updo is one of the most intricate hairstyles there is. Aside from the original braid, you need to undertake several other steps in order to overlap one braid over the other. Because of its elegance and extra panache, this is the perfect ‘do for weddings, birthdays, debuts, and other milestones in your life.

Surely you don’t have the time to do this style unless you want to be late to the office. Fortunately, there are other ways to do a simpler version of the braid updo, which will only take minutes.

The beauty of these hairdos is they don’t require a French braid or fishtail braid as the fundamental style. They are neither very fancy, which would earn extra unwanted attention at the office or school, nor very casual. That means you can still turn heads without seeming to be trying too hard.

Listed below are some braid updo hairstyles for the woman on the go:

Headband Braid Updo

Just like the name suggests, you put on the headband then you twist your hair and tuck each of the clumps underneath the plastic band.

Gibson Tuck

This updo would look good even for those with shoulder-length hair. It’s like a ponytail with a twist, literally. What you do is to create a loose ponytail and make a gap in the middle from the scalp to the elastic band. Then insert the tail into that gap. You’ve now created a nest. Insert the rest of the tail into the nest, and that’s it.

Top Knot

 Make a high ponytail on top of your head. Using a comb, tease your hair until it looks messy. Twist the hair around your hand and the elastic band, creating a knot, and pull it through the hole locking it in place.

Quick Twist

This would be perfect if you have short hair. Take a section of your hair on one side from the temple and start twisting. Then you lock it in place in the middle of your hair with the use of a large bobby pin. You do the other side until the braids have crossed each other. Tighten the pins and loosen your hair.

Messy Bun

Now, if you are really in a hurry, you can try the messy bun which can still be a sexy look depending on what you wear. This would be perfect if you have a long hair. Create a ponytail on top of your head then backcomb the underside of your hair from the ponytail. Then you wrap your hair around the ponytail to create a bun. Lock it in place with the use of pins.

Those are just some of the variations of the braid updo. They don’t take much of your time, and they are easy to maintain throughout the day. For the most part, with the strength of the bobby pin, they stay in place. You still look good like having just come out of the beauty salon without spending a lot of time on the hairstyle in the morning prior to going to the office or school.