brazilian sugaring
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Brazilian sugaring overview

Sugar waxing, “sugaring,” is a form of hair removal with the use of natural sugars, lemon juice and water combined together by boiling the mixture to form into a gel. This hair removal treatment has been around the Middle East for centuries. A Brazilian sugaring is performed on or around the bikini area. A good Brazilian sugaring will no doubt leave you completely hairless. When done professionally, Brazilian sugaring is a relatively affordable and less painful than waxing.

You can forget about hair removal through normal shaving and regular waxing. The downside to these procedures is increased skin irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. Waxing is the process of removal of unwanted hair with melted wax which can be quite painful and irritating.

Brazilian sugaring attaches to the dead skin cells without disturbing the live ones. The hair is only removed and not the skin. When professionally done, the skin is exfoliated and should have a glow. It is known to not cause hyperpigmentation or damage to the skin. The hairs are removed by their roots, but the procedure is still less painful versus waxing because the live skin cells are affected by the removal. This is crucial when the procedure is being performed on a sensitive area such as the bikini line. It usually takes anywhere from 24 – 72 hours for the area to heal. There will be redness and speckling where the hair was removed from the root. The skin will be tender and extra sensitive to touch.

There are certain measures to take in the care of your skin after your hair removal. These tips will help speed up the recovery period:

  1. Always wear loose clothes for any Brazilian and other sugared areas. Any friction on infected areas equals irritation and ingrown hairs. No tight pants, tights, or leggings.
  1. For the first few days, use caution when cleaning the area. Be gentle. Use hygiene products that contain gentle cleansers. Harsh soaps or scrubs will cause more skin damage with breakouts, hives, or ingrown hairs. Use gentle moisturizers like pure aloe Vera gel to aid with soothing and healing the skin.
  1. Give 72 hours to exfoliate after the procedure to prevent the build-up of dead skin. This can cause ingrown hairs to develop.
  1. No perfumes, powders or lotions. No alpha hydroxyl products that peels at the skin for a few days.
  1. No hot bath, hot tubs or showers. No swimming or sun exposure. This will give time for the hair follicles to heal.

Following these directions will help to speed recovery time in addition to your skin looking smooth and hair-free for a lot longer. This will make your next Brazilian sugaring session quicker and less painful.

How Long Before the Brazilian Sugaring Next Session?

If this is your first time or you go for sessions only on occasion, you will notice new hair growth in about two to three weeks. This is due to the staggered growth cycle of the new hair. For regular sessions, the appearance of new hair growth is much longer, which is typically three to six weeks. Over time the density of hair in the waxed area may start to decrease as well.

The part of regrowth area will be sparse, about one-third of the hair is normally present. Soon afterward, the remaining hair will begin growing in.