bronze eye makeup
Image: 1080 Plus

Summer is a busy time, and if you will be attending a formal event here and there, then you’ll need a natural, but dramatic look for your eyes. We love this simple, bright and shimmery bronze look because its natural colors make it perfect for any style or outfit. This luminous look will work for a variety of events, from weddings to date nights to 4th of July parties. While this style is dramatic, it is still light enough to keep your face young, bright, and beautiful! The best part about this tutorial is that it requires little time and skill, which is of course why we love it.

To complete this flawless look you’ll need four shades of eye shadow: sparkly white, peach or gold, dark bronze, and black. You’ll also need your favorite eyeliner, a voluminous mascara like L’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, and a thin eye makeup brush.

  • Begin by dabbing your finger (or an eye makeup brush if you prefer) in the peach or gold eye shadow. Make sure you have a generous amount. Apply two or three coats to both eyelids. Completely cover the lid from corner to corner, but do not go above your eyelid crease.
  • Next, reach for the dark bronze. Apply this color between your eyelid crease and the bottom of your eyebrow. If the bronze is lighter you can go all the way up to your brow, but keep it lower if you have a darker bronze. This color works to lift you eyes and your brow for eyes that look bright and awake. Apply a heavier amount of bronze to the edge of your brow bone—the area that is farther out, just above the outside corner of your eye.
  • Make sure your fingers are clean and there is no remaining shadow on them. Use your finger to lightly apply a coat of sparkly white eye shadow to the bottom portion of your eyelids, as if you are applying an extra thick line of eyeliner. After this coat, you’ll immediately see the depth and ombre affect your eyes now have.
  • Once you’ve finished with the eye shadow, you can apply the eyeliner from the start of your inside lashes to the outside corner of your eye. Go over the line at least once to make sure you have a solid black line. Apply another line on the bottom of your eye on the area above your lashes.
  • You’ll want to perfect the outside corner of your eye with a thin eye makeup brush and black shadow. Begin where your liner stopped and continue the line past your eye in a little wing. Darken it with the brush so it appears as if your liner simply faded. Create even more dimension by taking the brush up over the top of your eyelid for a couple strokes.
  • Finally, apply the mascara on top and bottom, as well as on both sides of your lashes. To make your light wings look even bolder, use the tip of your mascara stick, slightly close your eyes, and add a few strokes to the outside lashes where they meet.

A light and natural pink always looks great on lips when paired with a bronze eye palette. Steer clear of dark reds or plum. Nude, coral, and hot pink are other options that will fit perfectly with this look.