Marina Joyce
Image: YouTube

Marina Joyce, a popular British fashion blogger in London, has made quite a few headlines within the past few days regarding her well-being. Fans of her have been voicing their concern for her odd behavior in videos, suspecting that something seriously bad is up. What’s really going on?

Regular viewers of her popular YouTube channel have come up with theories for her strange behavior. In an extensive blog post on, a fan describes in detail the concerning signs of a serious issue in her videos. The writer begins the post by saying,

“i have the feeling, along with many other people, that someone is forcing marina to make these videos (most likely her boyfriend, but it is possible that she could have been kidnapped.) or she’s overdosing on drugs. her eyes keep trailing off behind the camera and her body language makes her seem incredibly uncomfortable. almost like she’s repeating what someone else is doing. she can barely stand still, she’s shaking, and her body appears stiff and wobbly.”

Okay, this is concerning. The post goes on to point out specific points in Marina’s videos where she is acting strange, bruises are visible and other people are present and apparently telling her what to do. There is even one instance where she tweeted a photo of herself showing heavy bruising on her body. Lots of her mannerisms in her recent videos and live streams display possible signs of drug use, including eye twitching, repeating herself often and seeming confused. Check out one of the videos fueling all the concern.

The hashtag #savemarinajoyce has been circulating around Twitter and Instagram to get attention on this worrisome situation. Marina tweeted early this morning to reassure her fans that she’s “TOTALLY fine:”

Many of her fans have even grown concerned enough to think she’s been kidnapped by ISIS, and then call the police to check up on her. Apparently, the police in London visited her recently, tweeting “Officers have visited YouTube user Marina Joyce. She is safe and well.  ” to ease fans’ minds.

While we hope Marina Joyce is in fact “TOTALLY fine,” we can’t help but think this is super strange. Her weird behavior could just be a result of life issues or temporary insanity, but we do hope she is not in serious danger. #savemarinajoyce.