Usually, you see ombre and balayage in shades that start dark and end in a blonde shade. But brunette ombre and balayage looks are stunning. These looks start dark and go into the lighter shades of brunette, or they may be predominantly brunette with different shades at the bottom. Below are some stunning brunette ombre and balayage looks for to get you started.

Brunette with honey highlights

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This look shows that there’s room in this style for subtle blonde highlights. It starts dark and then goes into an ashy brunette. Mixed in are bright blonde wispy highlights.

Warm ombre

This look starts off dark and goes into a lighter, warmer shade of brown. It’s a rich brunette shade that has some slight honey tones to it. It works as an ombre or balayage look.

Light brown ombre

This look starts dark and farther down around the shoulders goes into a light brown. This brown is so light it has wisps of platinum blonde in it.

Ash brown balayage

This style starts very dark as well and turns into a light, ash brown in a more balayage pattern. It’s a nice subtle style that looks stunning in hair that’s just below shoulder length.

Super ash brown ombre

A post shared by Chrissy Rasmussen (@hairby_chrissy) on This look goes even more into ash tones. Again, it starts dark and then goes into a brown that is so ashy it has tones of violet and dark gray mixed in.

Brunette balayage lob

This balayage style shows that this look goes well in short hair, too. It starts dark and then the balayage starts a few inches down from the roots in more subtle highlights. Gradually hair turns a more bright, caramel brunette.

Brunette and mahogany

This look shows that you don’t have to stick to just pure brunette or blonde tones. The hair starts a very natural dark brown. Around the shoulders the hair takes on a tone of the darkest mahogany shade.

Brunette and copper brown

This look is predominantly brunette. Then under the shoulders it turns into a coppery brown, dip-dyed sort of ombre. It’s a stunning contrast.

Caramel brunette bob

This style shows that this look can also go in even shorter cuts like the bob. A very light balayage is painted onto dark hair in tones of bright, caramel brown. It’s a classy look that’s great to wear to the office.

Cocoa ombre

This is one of the warmest brunette ombres around. It starts dark and then goes into a rich chocolate brown. The smallest wisps of honey highlights further add touches of warmth.

What are your favorite brunette ombre and balayage looks? Let us know what we missed in the comments!