brush straightener
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Brush Straightener

We have various methods that we use to keep our hair strong and shiny. Good health also attributes to this. Most women have a decision to make when it comes down to the haircut that fits the shape of their face or colors to fit their complexion.

We have different styling tools available to ensure that our hair is always looking its best. For curlies desiring straight hair, they can achieve this with the use of a brush straightener.

Brushes that straighten hair are gaining popularity. They come with complimentary adapters which make it possible to easily and conveniently use them anywhere you go.

Benefits of a brush straightener

The uses of these types of brush straightener bring about the following benefits:

  • The ability to select the desired temperature.
  • Anti-burn feature that protects the skin and scalp.
  • Anion technology that emits negative ions which work to moisturize and hydrate hair. It straightens the hair instantly while leaving behind a healthy shine.
  • It brings about an end to the “chase” method.
  • No more flat iron creases.

Temperatures that range from 170-190 degrees works well for soft and fine hair. For normal hair, temperatures that range from 190-120 degrees will work, while temperatures from 210-230 degrees are best for thick hair. It is obvious that so many women experience hair damage by selecting the wrong temperatures. Let’s dig deep into a few of the benefits above:

Anti-burn benefit.

This comes into play as a result of too much heat which can result in damaging and burning your hair and scalp, especially when used daily. Brush straighteners have unheated bristles purposely placed to keep the ceramic hot plate away from your skin and scalp, thereby protecting your hair.

Anion Anti-burn.

This is good feature to have when looking for a brush straightener. This type of technology is used to end hair frizz. You will be surprised how your hairstylist can straighten thick and frizzy hair in less time!

It brings about an end to chase method.

Aside from learning how you can benefit from the use of them, it is also important to learn how you can use one effectively. The chase method is the process of running a fine tooth comb through your hair alongside with the use of a flat iron. It is important to try this by firstly coordinating both hands. A brush that straightens the hair makes it possible for you to rapidly cover the entire head better and in faster time than a flat iron.


Proper use of the product is essential when using a straightening brush. You need to understand how to properly dry the hair and how to apply the products. Once this is achieved, fixing up your hair can be done within a minute.

It’s also important to take note of some disadvantages of using brush straighteners:

Melting Hair is Possible:

If proper care is not taken into consideration, burning your hair is very possible. Ensure that you select the right temperature for your hair to avoid these damages.

It can Lead to Mechanical Damage:

Mechanical damage is one of the reasons why some women do not use them. Although its occurrence is very rare, it can cause damage to your hair. When the tip of the bristle snags the end of your hair strand, it may result in split ends. To avoid this, it is better to trim the hair.