burgundy lipstick matte
Image: Pexels

What lipstick suits your person? Maybe you’re a burgundy lipstick matte person?

Oftentimes, the choice of a lip color depends on a lot of factors which include knowing the current color of your hair, eyes, and skin, in addition to your apparel. Whatever your favored appearance may be, there are tons of lipstick choices to pick and choose from.

Within the last year, bold colored lips have been trending and are still making headlines. Imagine having bold lips combined with smokey eyes over satin smooth skin. It is an awesome image, right? When it comes to makeup, there is no bigger statement than burgundy lipstick matte. The look is attention grabbing and absolutely stunning!

Not to deemphasize the popularity of pink lip colors, some days are just not for it. You might just be feeling a bit darker, a bit mysterious, or just more adventurous than the symbolic meaning of what pink colors represent. A burgundy lipstick matte lip color is as formidable as a crimson color – which is symbolic of mystery, a dark and forbidden aura, and a self-belief that does not beg for any approval. Burgundy lipstick matte does the fashion speaking.

Kindra Mann, a celebrity makeup artist for celebrities such as Rosario Dawson and Vanessa Hudgens explains, “To pick the one that will look best on you, make sure its undertone goes well with your own coloring — your skin tone, eye color, and/or hair color.’

Sandy Linter, a makeup artist for celebrities such as Christie Brinkley, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn, explains in her statement, “If you’re light-eyed, pink-based burgundy colors will look amazing on you. This hue makes your eyes pop. If you have dark eyes, a brown burgundy will bring them out more.”

Linter goes on to add, “A blue-based burgundy, on the other hand, isn’t too light or too dark, so it can be worn by women with light or dark eye colors. For a deep red burgundy, like Rihanna, I usually choose based off of the hair color. This one is more suited for brunettes because their hair balances out and can support the intense color.”
How to Identify Burgundy Undertones

There are four undertones that go with a burgundy lip color according to Linter. These tones are red, brown, blue, and pink. Take a piece of tissue and wipe the tester over it. You will have the ability to discern out the undertone of the lipstick against the white background and then select an appropriate color from there, she advises.

Preparation for burgundy lipstick matte

Burgundy lips need prepping by moisturizing and exfoliating before applying. The result is a smoother application. Your lips will thank you for it. When using a lip liner, choose a color closest to your lipstick color as much as possible. The pencil will help to set the lip color in place.

For a polished finish, do not forget the face. With some color to the cheeks and some mascara, liner, and a light shadow to play up the eyes, this will help brighten up the face without taking away focus from the lips. And lastly, do a teeth check before leaving the house.