Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman will always seek perfection and accomplishment. A Capricorn exudes class and sophistication in everything. Makeup and personal grooming is important for the Capricorn because she wants to look nice and presentable when she steps out. A Capricorn will also pick the best shoes to complete her look when she is ready to step into the public eye.

As a person who likes to receive attention from other people, a Capricorn woman should choose the appropriate makeup to look radiant and stay in touch with the trends. The makeup tutorial below can help a Capricorn woman choose the best makeup looks.

Earth tones are the best

For Capricorn women who have dark skin tones, natural earth toned makeup will be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you have brighter skin tones, earth tone shades are also suitable for giving the face a more confident look. Natural colors of foundation will help set your facial contours. Don’t forget to use base makeup for the perfect touch. Pick a darker palette for the nose, jaw, and cheekbones to accentuate but soften the face. This glamor look will be perfect for parties and formal events.

Smoky eyes with dark tones

To complete the earth-tone makeup, you could use false eyelashes, and bring out the eyes in a smoldering bronze. Earth colors such as brown, tan, dark crème and soft black will be the perfect match for your appearance. Use some sort of heavy eye shadow in those colors, and make it deep and clear. Don’t use any brighter color combination, and stay within the range of the earth shades. A final touch of bold eyeliner can set off your smoky eyes perfectly.

Metallic nude lipstick or lip cream

This is the final touch when using earth shade makeup for the Capricorn woman. Using a metallic nude lipstick or lip cream truly suits the earthy theme used in the eyes, nose, and cheek area. Simple neutral lips without any liner can be a dramatic makeup look. Keeping the lips in a nude color is a good compliment to complete the entire look.

We hope that this makeup tutorial was helpful for a Capricorn woman. It is not greedy or arrogant for her to dress up nice, and put on some coordinating makeup. Capricorns are well known for having clear, beautiful skin, even when they are not wearing makeup. The Capricorn woman likes to maintain her beauty, so that she can feel confident when she steps out into the world.