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blonde woman with a summer hat

Master The “No Makeup” Look

Don’t we all wish we could pull off the no-makeup look in the summertime? With sun-kissed skin and new freckles, the last thing we want to do is cover our faces up! While we always applaud going barefaced to give your skin a breather, this makeup tutorial will…

dewy makeup dark skin

5 Hacks for Dewy Makeup

This summer’s hottest makeup trend is dewy skin. The look is effortlessly glowing with the right amount of shine, while still maintaining a matte appearance. These hacks will help you get the dewy look without acquiring excess oil or appearing too cakey. Follow these tips to…

makeup bag

The 3 Beauty Essentials You Need

Girls on the go hate having to do too many things when getting ready in the morning. Thirty minutes to apply all your makeup? Yeah right. Some products are absolute essentials, and they are worth the extra time, but eyeliner, lip liner, setting spray, and…

bronze eye makeup

Bright Bronze Eye Makeup

Summer is a busy time, and if you will be attending a formal event here and there, then you’ll need a natural, but dramatic look for your eyes. We love this simple, bright and shimmery bronze look because its natural colors make it perfect for…

pink lips

Tips for Your Best Lips Ever

Properly caring for your lips and choosing the right color and products will greatly impact your overall look. Lips stand out from everything else in your makeup routine for many reasons. Aside from being full and uniquely shaped, they are the contrast color to your…

thick beautiful eyebrows

Tips for Tweezing Solo

Yes, going to the salon to get your eyebrows done is a great idea, but never very quick or budget-friendly. Eyebrows grow fast and life is unpredictable. That’s why we’re going to help you get your eyebrows to look perfect in a jiffy for that last-minute…