Let’s face it, we’d all like to be able to spend $100 on that top-of-the-line complete hair care system. But sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. Even if you have the money, there’s a good chance you might want to spend it on something else. So below are less expensive options for those expensive beauty products.

Here are some cheaper alternatives to pricey beauty products.

Shampoo/Conditioner: A luxury shampoo can run as high $100+, and commonly as high as $30-50. If you want shampoos that use lush, natural ingredients and feel like the high-end stuff, look at Avalon Organics or Aveeno. These run in the $5.50 to $8 range.

Hair serum: Hair serum’s easy to splurge on. It chronically runs in the $36-60 range. But you can find John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Extra-Strength Formula Hair Serum for around $7 at Jet.com.

Deep conditioner: Deep conditioners can run around $20, commonly around $30 and can go all the way up to just under $100. Neutrogena has a product called Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner that runs around $8.

Color-depositing shampoo: A fancy color-depositing shampoo can run near $25 for around 10oz, or even more. One of the most cost-effective color-depositing shampoos on the market for red hair is Quantum Riveting Reds Color-Replenishing Shampoo, at around $10 for 10.2 ounces. Sometimes it’s on sale at Sally’s for $6.50. (The conditioner can be very drying, however, so tread lightly.) An option for other hair color shades is ShiKai Color Reflect Shampoo. It reflects color without going for the expense of finding a full color-depositing shampoo.

Color-depositing conditioner: Pigment-depositing products are going to be a little more pricey, but for the most bang for your buck, oVertone offers $17.00 for an 8-ounce daily conditioner. Or if you want to go DIY with it, try mixing a 4oz tub of Manic Panic with about 16oz of cheap Suave conditioner. It comes out to roughly $11 for a 1-2 month supply, depending on your hair wash frequency and hair length.

Lip Color: Lip colors can go up to around $40 if you want them to. For a less expensive alternative, try e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick, only $3.

Eye shadow: Eye shadow can run up to $95. For a real steal, BH Cosmetics has the First Edition- 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette for only $17, marked down from its original $30. It truly has just about every shade you could want, from blazing blue to natural tan.

BB Cream: This product can go up to around $45 regularly, and is commonly around $20. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-aging Perfector runs at about $17 for 1 ounce.

Foundation: Foundation can actually run up over $100. CoverGirl Clean Liquid Foundation Makeup does that trick at around $6.

Concealer: Concealers can get up there in price, at around $70. A tinted concealer can get real pricey. So if you need a heavy-duty concealer, Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Stick Concealer carries pigments and is only around $7.

Mascara: These run the gamut in high-end prices, from around $30 up to $70. Try Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.

Body soap: Body soaps usually run around $20. For a natural, luxurious soap that comes in a giant 18oz bottle and lasts forever, try Nature’s Gate Body Wash. It sells for around $15, but it’s frequently on sale. It has natural ingredients in it and feels luxurious.

Body scrub: Body scrubs are a product that can go up to $30, $50 or even $67. Mix some brown sugar with some olive oil to form a granulated paste. Cost: pennies.

Body moisturizer: For some reason, there’s a listing at Barneys New York for La Mer moisturizer costing $2,060. Go for the ever-popular Aveeno Daily Moisture instead, which is around $7.

Facial moisturizer: These can also go quite high for price, but Garnier makes a gel-based lotion called Moisture Rescue. It goes on so smooth and soaks in so well, you’ll barely need any of it in one application and it will last. Plus it gives 24 hours of moisture, so you’ll only need to use it once per day, most likely. A nearly 2oz tub costs around $7.