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Taking care of your skin is so essential, and you should start incorporating different items into your routine sooner rather than later. The basics involve cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, but that formula will vary based off of your skin type. Just by meandering down the cosmetics aisle in even a drug store, you can see how many different formulas there are available to us now.

There are three different types of moisturizers, categorized by skin type. The first is humectants, which are created to work with dry skin. These formulas relieve the itchy and flaky tendencies with dryness. Additionally, they stimulate a ceramide protection, which gives skin a more youthful and moist appearance. Second are occlusives, which basically form a protective layer on your skin. Ironically, in some cases water can dry your skin out, so this type of cream can lock in the moisture that you have within your skin. Occlusives are most commonly known as petroleum jelly, or Vaseline. Due to the thickness of the product, they are aimed for mainly very dry skin or those with aging skin. The final type of moisturizer is emollients. They are used to create smooth and soft skin, and build your skin to feel more supple and hydrated.

As stated, it’s important to learn the science behind your skin, because ultimately you’ll be able to formulate the perfect skincare lineup. If you want a more specific look at your skin, book an appointment with a dermatologist, because if anything, there could be aspects to your care that you might not have considered previously due to not enough research. You’re only going to benefit yourself to get in touch with your skin sooner rather than later. Your skin is the biggest canvas you have to create not only a knowledge of preventative and cosmetic care, so why not do it justice with the correct moisturizer.