chestnut hair color

Want a darker hair color for the winter? You can’t go wrong with classic chestnut. Usually seen as the boring “girl next door” hair, chestnut actually comes in a variety of shades and styles to keep things interesting. From added warm highlights to stunning balayage effects, chestnut has really come into its own as a style. Below are some top ways to wear chestnut hair.

Brown high ombre

brown high ombre chestnut hair color
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Usually ombre starts farther down on the hair shaft, but a warm and dark chestnut with black roots actually looks quite nice farther up. It creates a sense of dimension, and the shades are close enough to create a flowing feel.

Golden chestnut hair

golden chestnut hair color
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A deep, reddish chestnut with chunky golden highlights is a winning look. It has a bright sense of warmth.

Classic deep brown

classic deep brown chestnut hair color
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On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with a classic deep chestnut brown. If you’re looking for depth and sophistication in a look, this is your shade.

Lightly highlighted chestnut hair

lightly highlighted chestnut hair color
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This dark chestnut shade with some wispy dark blonde highlights creates a look with tons of dimension. It’s a nice balance between dark and bright.

Reddish chestnut hair

reddish chestnut hair color
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Sometimes chestnut veers into a reddish brown shade. This is a great look if you want tons of warmth in a look, but also want a grounded appearance.

Chestnut balayage

chestnut balayage hair color
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A dark chestnut base with lighter balayage highlights leading to lighter ends is a fantastic look. It’s a classy, gradual, and natural style.

Reddish brown accents in short hair

reddish brown accents in short hair
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A dark chestnut with accents of reddish chestnut makes for a multifaceted look. Anyone can wear this style, but it looks stunning in short hair with reddish accents up front.

Subtle highlights in long hair

subtle highlights in long hair chestnut
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Dark chestnut looks striking in hair that reaches down to the middle of the back. Having subtle light brown highlights in the lower length of the hair is a classic accent to the look.

Light chestnut hair

light chestnut hair color
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Another option is a light shade of chestnut that’s somewhere in the light brown family. It’s a bright, warm shade that works on everybody.

Darkest chestnut hair with extensions

dark chestnut hair color extensions
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Again, dark chestnut makes a deep, sultry look in Rapunzel lengths. If your hair has stubbornly refused to grow past a certain length, or you haven’t had the time to grow it out yet, try some long hair extensions in dark chestnut.