chocolate mauve hair

One of the hottest looks for hair is to combine multiple tones to create a new shade (think rose gold hair). The latest look is a gorgeous chocolate mauve, which combines deep brunette shades and rich pinks. Like peanut butter and chocolate, you wouldn’t think the two would go together, but the combination is one for the ages. The chocolate and pink tones combine into this gorgeous, warm, soft and sophisticated color.

The look is credited to New York City hair colorist Hannah Edelman, who made it by combining Pravana Vivids dyes. The look tends to flow in a color melt style, starting with deep brunette shades at the top and leading into the more pink shades near the bottom.

Unless you’re a professional hair colorist, you may want to head to the salon, since this look was created by combining different dyes. However, if you would like to try this one at home, you could apply a deeper pink dye in a color melt style over brunette hair.

The pink is painted lightly on the hair in a balayage fashion. However, pink hair dye in a deeper shade is hard to come by. Pink dye is usually either in neon cotton candy shades or pastels. You may want to stop by your local beauty supply store like Sally’s and have one of the clerks help you find the right shade that will go over your current hair color.

While this is basically a color melt style that combines two different shades, there are still a lot of variations in the look. Below are some different looks within the style for inspiration.

Deep chocolate mauve: This is the most common chocolate mauve look you’ll see. It has a deep chocolate brown base and paints pink over the brown for a dark, subtle pink shade.

Darker chocolate mauve: This look goes even darker than the one above it. The brown starts as a dark, dark brown with flecks of chocolate highlights. Then the mauve shades are veering more into a plum look in the lower part of the hair.

Chocolate mauve color melt: This look accents the color melt aspect of the style, almost looking like an ombre. A dark brown melts into deep pink and purple tones.

Chocolate mauve sheen: The pinks in this look have a bit of a metallic sheen to them, and the brown looks slightly more ashy.

Chocolate mauve with frosted tips: This look starts black, moves into a medium brown with violet tones and ends with pastel, faded purple tips.

Bright and warm chocolate mauve: This style takes the look and amps it up into a warmer style. It has a basic brunette base with deep tones of cinnamon auburn added on top. Highlights of bright purple and deep pink keep it in the mauve category.