Woman placing clip in hair extensions on head

Clip-in hair extensions are very common and famous for their ability to add length, volume, and color to your own hair. They make it effortlessly easy to change looks and add length and volume, but it’s important to know what they are and how they work before making the investment.

So, let’s get to it!

What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions wefts - blonde to black hair

Clip-in hair extensions (also known as clip-in weaves) are, simply put, attachment methods that allow secondary wefts of hair to be installed into your natural hair. This type of extensions are one of the easiest, fastest, and safest ways to insert long, thick hair in no time. Their wefts come with clips that are used to insert the hair extension into your natural hair.

In other words, you can easily pick up the wefts and insert them into your hair without help from anyone. It is really that easy. The perks of having clip-in hair extensions is that you save money and time. These extensions are a great solution for a swift and effortless hairstyle change.

You can also add highlights to your hair by choosing different extension colors and can even add bangs if you wish. There is no limit to what you can do!

How Long Do They Last?

Certainly, the first thing anyone wants to know when making a beauty investment is how long a particular product will last. This is the same for hair extensions. However, just like everything else, the lifespan of your extensions is dependent on how well you manage and take care of them.

Similarly, the kind of hair products you use on your hair extensions and how often you wear them will have a direct effect on their lifespan. But with good care and a decent amount of wearing, a good clip-in hair extension should last between 3 to 6 months. Some can last a year or even more, so, take care of your hair extensions and they will serve you.

Can They Damage Your Natural Hair?

When it comes to hair care, everyone goes for options that are safe and efficient. Some permanent hair extensions can damage the hair because of the bonding, gluing, and pulling of your natural hair that is inevitable upon installation. However, clip-in hair extensions are popular because they are very safe to use. They simply inserted into the hair and held together by a clip, which means less stress on your natural hair.

So, it is safe to say that with clip-in hair extensions, you are almost certain there will be no damage to your natural hair.

How to Style Clip-In Hair Extensions

Step by step on how to install extensions

Depending on your taste and preference, clip-in hair extensions can be styled in a variety of ways to give you the fuller, thicker hair that you desire. You can style your extensions as a bun, braid, ponytail, or curls. So, if you have curly hair, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about because you can still get the perfect match for you.

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