Cocktail dressed-to-kill

Did he ask you out on a date? Do you think he is going to finally pop the question? Are you going out on a special corporate event? No matter where you are going, if it is someplace or a special occasion that requires you to look your absolute best, knowing your body’s natural shape is the key to finding the perfect attire that will highlight your best features and assets.

Formal attire, in general, is usually worn on semi-formal events. They are not essentially floor-length dresses but neither are they just simple casual wears. Cocktail attire for women, in particular, is a hybrid between sophisticated apparel and a comfortable piece of clothing that will allow you to move freely and socialize. These dresses are worn on events which will require a woman to go from one table to another and be able to socialize with the other guests of the event comfortably and easily while still looking sophisticated at a “black-tie” event.

With the rate that the fashion industry is going, choosing the ideal cocktail attire can either be relatively easy or difficult, but definitely enjoyable. It can be easy in a way because of different selections and styles available. There are lots of online and physical boutiques that offer a myriad of choices to choose from. However, it can be difficult if you are the kind of girl who has simple tastes and is not a big fan of huge choices.

In choosing formal attire, you must first have to think or imagine what inspiration you want channeled. The top choices among cocktail attire for women are elegant chic, prim and proper feminine, and edgy and sexy.

Elegant Chic —

This cocktail attire for women is a very sophisticated option among those who wants to command a room by exuding confidence through simple patterns. The key to achieve this look is by accessorizing since elegant attire is usually minimal on details. Key materials for this look are usually sparkling or shimmering fabric or metallic colors combined with neutrals such as black, white, gray, brown, or skin tone fabric. The celebrities to peg this look on are Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, and Meryl Streep.

Prim and Proper Feminine —

Frills, ruffles, pleats, laces, and flowers are the most commonly used materials for feminine dresses and pink is the most desired color for this look. This style is great for teenagers and women who have petite bodies. Taylor Swift is the star known for constantly sporting a sweet and innocent feminine look with her curly and bouncy hair, sweet face, and adorable attitude that matches her natural style.

Sexy and Edgy —

To grab this style, black and red are obviously the colors to go for. This style is usually minimal on accessories and less fabric since it shows sexy patterns and the skin of the wearer itself. Allowing the wearer’s sexy figure do the talking with a sexy dress that hugs the curves is the trick in successfully pulling off this attire. Most prominent stars that wear sexy cocktail dresses are Britney Spears, Halle Berry, and Nicole Scherzinger.