Last May I decided it was a fantastic idea to chop 11 inches off my hair. I thought it would be a fresh and liberating change and lessen the chances of my sticky-handed baby to grab and yank. If that weren’t enough, I also decided to get…bangs! Aside from agreeing to eat a spoonful of a concoction my sister created from all the items in the refrigerator for $6.12 when I was 8, this was the worst decision of my life!

I looked like an awkward 13-year-old boy and was absolutely miserable. So, I did what any of us do when trying to find the best fix to a personal problem…I asked the all-knowing internet how I can achieve quick hair-growth. One thing you will quickly find out about me is I was born without the patience gene. Ok, I don’t know if that is actually a thing, but I am super impatient. I like to have things done right meow! So, imagine my reaction when world wide web shot back “the most effective way to grow your hair is to give it time?” Once the laughter subsided and my eyes returned to their normal post-multiple-rolls position, I continued my search.

What I continued to find was surprising to me…rubbing coconut oil into your scalp twice a week aids in hair growth. Alongside calcium and vitamin D, coconut oil contains mostly fatty acids which provide natural nourishment and help fight the buildup of oil and dirt in your pores. When your pores are free of these yuckies, your hair can grow more freely without the hinderance of buildup blocking the path.

As a natural skeptic, I decided to give it a try because my boyish looks had nothing to lose. I was shocked a couple months later when my hair was longer and shiner. I kid you not! I clearly would not have believed it if I did not do the experiment myself. Coconut oil is a miracle worker…but does it have the same amazing impact on your skin? The answer is YES!

The same logic is applied to your skin as is to your hair. The abundance of fatty acids work to prevent buildup in your pores, thus leaving your skin clean, fresh, moisturized and glowing. Just as with any products, there are some tips to consider when using:

  • All skin types are different. While one person may experience amazing benefits, another may not be as successful. Start small. Apply a thin layer to a small part of your body for a couple days before using on your face and the rest of your skin.
  • A little goes a long way, so make sure to use sparingly. If you choose the liquid form of coconut oil, I suggest one drop in your palm then rub around a few times before applying directly to the face and body. I like to rub it in to where there is a light shine, then pat off any that remains. Coconut oil can also be found in a solid form (generally by the baking supplies) and a dime-size dollop is plenty.
  • Due to its ability to breakdown oil and cleanse pores, the fatty acids in coconut oil also serve as an amazing makeup remover. Simply add to a cotton ball and use to remove blush, eyeshadow and mascara. Plus, you will smell like the Bahamas! Cheers!
  • If all day action isn’t your thing, you can find benefits from coconut oil without leaving on your skin. Simply add into your face and body wash, lather and rinse. The fatty acids will work their purifying magic immediately and then head down the drain to party with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Experience has shown me the awesome power of coconut oil when used in moderation. While I am impatient, this is not a product that works exponentially better the more you apply. Refer to the tips above and you will love!